Blockster Is Partnering With One Of The Largest Crypto Events In Dubai

Dubai, the center of fintech in the Middle East and a cult place for the crypto industry, will attract approximately 3000 visitors to discuss the future of blockchain and digital assets. Participants will join more than 30 crypto companies, from start-ups to seasoned players, to listen to 40+ influential speakers. The guest list features top executives from Binance, Bitstamp, Aave, Bybit, and other trendsetters and key players in the market.

Among the announced discussion topics — are the future of DeFi, crypto markets as reliable alternative investment instruments; an overview of the current state of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), and their potential development roadmaps.

The goal of Crypto Expo in Dubai is to bring together the scattered professionals from the Middle East and Africa regions — the regions in which the crypto industry is evolving most rapidly — and provide them an opportunity for discussion and cooperation.

Says Lidia Yadlos, Blockster’s co-founder and CMO: “Blockster is happy to announce the beginning of cooperation with Crypto Expo in Dubai. Our core mission is to embrace communication between people who work in the crypto industry, and it’s pleasant to partner with those who share these views.”

Crypto Expo in Dubai is one of many future crypto conferences to work with Blockster. Besides marketing, Blockster is increasing its presence in the crypto conference field to present the platform’s new functionalities. As the Blockster team mentioned, they are currently working on a new block dedicated to crypto conferences. It will feature information about top crypto and blockchain events globally. Also, the team will be providing general coverage and exclusive interviews with speakers.

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