Blockster Interview With Stori Founders – Designsta Sisters

Blockster Interview With Stori Founders
Louise Cowley and Lucie Clark aka Designsta – the founders of Stori

Hey Blocksters, when was the last time you could monetize your stories natively on social media?

Most social media influencers rely heavily on brand deals/sponsorships, affiliate commissions, and selling merchandise or white-labeling products. That means they’re forever relying on third parties to support their own finances.

Traditional social media works by showing advertisements on high-traffic content made by content creators. Sadly, in TradSo, the corporate companies keep all those revenues for themselves, leaving the creators grinding extra hard just to monetize their original content.

With the power of the DeSo blockchain, Louise Cowley and Lucie Clark (and Ribal) are introducing a new concept that will forever change the way we will tell stories online.

Stori will allow social media content creators to “Share2Earn” (S2E) as well as participate in a marketplace built for the next generation of Web3 content creators.

Blockster caught up with Louise Cowley and Lucie Clark from Designsta, who are the co-founders and creators of Stori. We discussed their soon to be released DApp, which has created a flurry of excitement in the DeSo community.

1. Hi, ladies! How was skiing in the Alps?

Hey! Oh, we had an amazing time. Thank you. We went skiing in Morzine for a week with friends, and it was so much fun. Can’t wait to go back.

It was our first time learning to ski, and amazingly, we only had a couple of not-very-dramatic (but pretty funny) falls each. It was great to get out in the snow–outside of our comfort zones–and learn something new.

2. What was the ultimate reason you both decided to launch a social media DApp after having success with Designsta – an online graphic design platform?

We are so excited by Web3 and all the possibilities, and we really felt like we wanted a new challenge in this area.

After becoming hooked on DeSo, the one thing we personally missed from Web2 was having the ability to share daily stories through picture and video form and getting really visually creative with the content we were sharing. We knew if we were feeling this way, there would be a lot of others thinking the same.

So kinda selfish reasons at first, then we realized there was a huge gap in the market and we just decided to go for it. ?

3. Can you briefly describe to our Blocksters how the Stori App will work and some of the upcoming features?

Stori is a Web3 social DApp built on the DeSo blockchain. You can share your Stori in photo or video form, add filters, stickers, text, and draw.

We also have the Stori marketplace where users will be able to buy or sell stickers as NFTs to add to their Stori. You will be able to mint your actual Stori as an NFT too. There will be so many monetization opportunities in Stori as we bring our Share2Earn concept to life.

Stori will be perfect for creators, artists, brands, and businesses to use as a gateway into the world of Web3 and NFTs. In fact, our mission is to introduce the next billion people to NFTs. We are bringing blockchain to the masses with great UI/UX, as we both come from a design background this part is really important to us.

We will also have a $stori token which we are setting up as a DAO. This will be used to fund the project and also as our in-app currency for users to earn and spend.

4. Which Stori features are you most excited and proud about, and why?

Right now, we are pretty ridiculously excited about the AR filters we are building into the app—they are so good. The Stori marketplace is being built right now, and that is going to create so many opportunities for creators and will really shape how the app is used.

5. What is “Share2Earn,” and how can creators join this revolution?

Share2Earn is a concept we came up with that will empower creators to monetize their content and take control back from the big corporations that currently rule the world of social media.

We are incorporating gamification into Stori so that when creators pass certain levels of content sharing, they can earn $stori token.

With the Stori marketplace we are building a whole ecosystem around NFTs which will include Storis, stickers, and filters. We have huge plans for the future of the marketplace, which will keep evolving over time.

6. What inspired you, despite your busy schedules, to start a new exciting venture?

Haha… when the excitement takes over, there’s no stopping us. It almost felt like a calling.

7. We are all patiently waiting for Stori now, but when did the Stori journey begin?

We began working on Stori along with Ribal, our amazing co-founder, back in October 2021.

We have come a long way since then, and the project has grown way bigger than the ideas we started out with. There is just so much potential with Stori; the opportunity is huge.

8. When can we expect to see the DApp on Play/App Store?

We can’t give an exact date just yet, but for more information and latest news you can join our Discord. We are aiming to launch this summer, but our priority is making sure we get Stori working exactly how we want it before putting it out there.

9. Who do you think are the ideal users of Stori and who would benefit the most?

Stori is for everyone and anyone. Storytelling is part of human nature—literally everyone has a story.

Whether you’re an adventurous skydiving base jumper or a WFH mom or a business guru or a life-hacking genius or just someone who wants to share pics of your coffee and updates of you going about your daily business—it’s your Stori, and you tell it however you want.

Users will benefit in many ways—building connections, strengthening relationships, keeping up-to-date, earning tokens, building a following, launching projects. The possibilities with Stori really are endless, and I think we’ll see a whole new wave of influencers (Storitellers) within the world of Stori.

10. You have supported many other #WomenInCrypto. Which #WomenInCrypto creators would you like to see the most as Storitellers and why?

There are so many amazing women in crypto, and lots of them are hanging out on DeSo, so we hope to have all of our favorite DeSo ladies join us.

Outside of DeSo, when Paris Hilton starts sharing her daily Stori, then we’ll know we’re doing something right.

11. Which of your favorite #WomenInCrypto projects would you love to collaborate with one day?

There are so many amazing female-led projects. Some of our favorites are Fierce Studios NFT, Fame Ladies, Deadfellaz, World of Women. We are hoping all of these ladies would love to collaborate with us one day.

12. Do you have any advice for other women who want to start their own blockchain-based projects?

Immerse yourself in the world of Web3, become part of communities and contribute like mad; build relationships with others who are deep into whatever areas you’re most into.

Community is so huge in Web3, and there are so many amazing minds and talented people who you can learn from. It’s a seriously inspirational time right now with so many possibilities for innovation.

13. Finally, how can our readers become a Storiteller?

Join our Discord. We are giving early access (dates TBA) to our 50 most active Discord members. We also announce all of our latest updates and news there, and it’s a great community to be a part of.

Be sure to follow Stori on Twitter and DeSo so you can become the next big social media influencer on Web3!


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