Blockster Becomes Partner Of The Asia NFT & DeFi Conference And Investment Roadshow 2021

Among the topics to be discussed within the event include: DAI stablecoin system – An Open Financial ecosystem; DeFi in America vs. DeFi in Asia; DeFi Opens a New Era of Digital Finance; Open Finance to Build a Frictionless Economy; Reconstruct the Value of Data and Define the Digital Future; The King of the Future: Decentralized Exchange (DEX); the Universe Where Crypto and Metaverse Meet; NFT Links to the Future: the Technological Imagination of the Cryptocurrency; How NFT Changes the Art World.

Also, the conference will bring a broad panel of experts and panelists who will discuss the role of the NFTs and decentralized finance nowadays and how the hype is gathering momentum. Also, the intersection of both industries and the traditional way of doing businesses in the fintech sector will be part of the widely awaited event for an audience that keeps growing each day as the NFT hype skyrockets.

“In this context, the Asia NFTs DeFi Conference aiming to build a platform for NFTs DeFi innovation and business exchanges connecting the Asia-Pacific and global markets,” the conference’s organizers commented.

Experts on the list

In addition, the event will have key people in the industry such as the CEO of General Counsel Novum Alpha, Patrick Tan; the Co-Founder of Global Blockchain Cryptocurrency Association, David Carman; the Managing Director of Infiom, Mariana Danilovic; the President of Chinese Institute of Digital Assets, Jiaming Zhu; the Co-Founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu.

In terms of operational logistics, the Asia NFT DeFi Conference and Investment Roadshow 2021 aims to gather over 30,000 audiences interested in the DeFi and NFT industry. Furthermore, attendees will get access to the keynotes from the speakers to learn more about what they have said throughout one of the major DeFi and NFT conferences in Asia.

America Blockchain Cryptocurrency Association (ABCA), Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS), India Blockchain Alliance (IBA), Hong Kong Blockchain Association (HKBA), and Ambuli International also joined as supporters of the event, plus over ten media outlets specialized in the crypto sphere.

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