Blockster Becomes Mediapartner of Sempro Conference

The conference will draw particular attention from crypto professionals because of the favorable trend towards crypto legalization in Ukraine. Two weeks ago, the Ukrainian Parliament passed the law ‘On Virtual Assets’, legally regulating and recognizing crypto assets for the first time in the country. This means that providers of crypto-related products and services may now enjoy a much broader range of marketing and advertising opportunities, including conventional methods of generating traffic and leads. One of the goals of Sempro Conference is to discuss the nuances of the niche crypto market from the perspective of e-marketing. For the first time in Eastern European crypto history, experts will share a detailed analysis of crypto project promotion strategies, traffic generation and arbitrage, SEO, Search Engine Reputation Management, and so forth. Reports will also present specific case studies — for example, SEO-SERM alignment, trend changes in partnership marketing in the crypto industry, and the increase of conversion rate from 3% to 15% on the same geo-targeting.

Besides crypto, the conference features 16 reports and panel discussions on the topics of advertising strategies, digital marketing, SEO, and traffic arbitrage. Unlike similar events, the major upside of Sempro Conference is the narrow specialization of its speakers. Among the guests are Garry Illyes, Webmaster Trend Analyst at Google, Roman Romanchuk, Chief Revenue Officer at Natural Links (#1 Crowd marketing team globally), Ksenia Demchenko, a specialist in blog optimization and Youtube SEO, and many others.

Blockster is joyfully watching the positive changes in crypto regulation and the events these changes foster. The Crypto community is something broader than crypto investors and businesses, and the emergence and development of niche crypto-related conferences, such as Sempro Conference, is an important indicator of the industry’s good health.

Find more about Sempro at the conference’s website: Sempro.

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