Blockster Becomes An Exclusive Media Partner With EcoX Dubai

EcoX Dubai possesses one of the most prominent networks in the industry, comprising top investors, prominent executives, and well-known thought leaders. EcoX’s meetups and events regularly gather the industry’s leading trendsetters. And now you will be able to get all the coverage exclusively on Blockster. Blockster will be providing live updates from every event while it hosts exclusive interviews with the most influential people in crypto and blockchain tech.

“We’re thrilled to announce that Blockster is now the exclusive media partner of EcoX Dubai, a leading crypto and blockchain events producer located in Dubai,” states Co-Founder and CMO Lidia Yadlos of Blockster. “It really is the perfect match to combine EcoX’s network with Blockster’s content-driven platform. The people and stories will unite and Blockster will become a vehicle for networking — something that the crypto industry desperately needs.”

Franco Fiore, EcoX Dubai co-founder, shared his vision: “We are more than happy to cooperate with such a powerful platform, and Blockster’s impressive traffic growth means a big future for this industry’s builders, the people relentlessly working behind the scenes to make crypto and blockchain mainstream.”

Some major trendsetters have participated in Ecox Dubai’s events, including Nick Spanos – Bitcoin pioneer, Taynah Reis – Moeda Seeds Bank CEO, Tone Vays – veteran trader, and Cristian Voaides – Welthee CEO.

Each conference event that we partner with will have its own page within Blockster. Featured speakers, vendors, and sponsors can be easily contacted via the Blockster platform before and after the events. Blockster is not only a content-driven platform; we are a networking platform for the entire blockchain industry–the global network for Blockchain Hustlers.

For those unable to attend the Dubai local events, we’ll be covering everything on Blockdesk. Also, all the interviews and latest news will be available on Blockster TV.

This new partnership helps reinforce our media strategy: we are getting ready to release Blockevents, a dedicated area inside Blockster which lists all conferences and meetup events, allowing Blockchain Hustlers worldwide to network with each other virtually or live via Blockster.

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