Blockster Announces Partnership With Blockchain Fest by FINEXPO

Blockchain Fest is the first crypto event to be hosted by FINEXPO. The company has a longstanding history of being a well-known organizer of global financial and trading events since 2002. Limassol is famous for being one of the world’s largest financial centers, and in recent years it has also become the rising capital of the European crypto industry. The event’s location is symbolic — it represents the increasing acknowledgment of crypto markets by industry leaders from traditional finance.

The goal of the Blockchain Fest is to connect the experience of professionals in finance with the expertise of blockchain specialists. Says Andrey Barchenkov, CoFounder of FINEXPO:

“As a person with a background in finance, business, and trading, I was one of the first to recognize the potential of the crypto industry. Nowadays, as many of my colleagues become more and more interested in digital assets, I am happy to be the organizer of Blockchain Fest. We tried to create a valuable event for both newcomers to the industry and skilled professionals. I am confident that we will see many new collaborations as a result of the conference”.

The conference will cover topics from the whole crypto spectrum. Among the particularly immediate questions is the overview of regulatory impacts of DeFi explosion, the analysis of central bank digital currencies in Asia, European crypto-asset regulations, and the tensions between centralized blockchain and decentralized.

The conference will feature more than 30 events. The complete list of speakers is yet to be announced, but it is already known that it will include people from top companies in the industry, such as Aave and Binance. Blockster is also represented: Blockster’s Marketing Director Oleg Bevz will participate with the following topic: ‘Crypto mass adoption. A speech on crypto in the real world and how crypto will be used in everyday life.

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