Blockster Announces Official Partnership With ChainPlus’ Asia Metaverse New Era Summit

There is no doubt that the metaverse has made a significant impact on the business proposals of major corporations in the last year. While it started as a grassroots movement in blockchain-based games, using NFTs as one of its fundamental elements, it has migrated to companies like Facebook, which changed its name and conception to include the metaverse. Microsoft and other Asian companies are also making moves to integrate the concept of the metaverse. This is a consequence of the rush to a digital life that the pandemic has caused in the current society.

The conference, which will build on top of the importance that the metaverse has, aims to gather more than 1,000 attendees offline, and more than 20,000 online. These attendees will represent several areas of interest regarding the metaverse, including brands representatives, Investment institutions, technology service providers, content creators, universities and research institutions, science fiction and film and game lovers, among others.

The location, Asia, was chosen because of the unrivaled penetration of mobile phones and consumption in the digital world. The conjunction of many sociological and economical factors, and the presence of more than 3 billion players in the area, make it a ripe area to study the metaverse sector.

Hosted by CC Global, an Asia business think tank, the conference will present several insightful subjects that will explain metaverse related themes from different points of view. Among these topics will be:

  • Metaverse, the New Era of Web3.
  • MetaTech Innovations.
  • MetaBusiness Opportunities.
  • MetaSocities (Games, Social, Education, Training, and Work).

In addition, attendees will be able to see metaverse versions of “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One” prepared by ten leading metaverse companies, as well as participate in an exploration round for businesses, investors, and startups to connect ideas.

This will be the third year in which ChainPlus organizes a trendsetting conference, setting itself as one of the most important blockchain-based conferences of this continent and the world.

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