Blockchain UA Adds Blockster As Media Partner In Its 10th Edition

The conference, scheduled to happen next November 2 in Kyiv, at the “Parkovy” Congress and Exhibition Center, will gather an important part of the blockchain enthusiast community of Europe.

This year marks the tenth time crypto and blockchain enthusiasts will join to discuss and find common grounds about industry-related problems. On this occasion, the meeting will deal with matters relating to decentralized finance markets, non-fungible tokens, and tokenization. Other topics that speakers will touch are related to central bank digital currencies, AI, Cyber ​​Security, and IoT.

More than 1000 attendees are expected to receive practical knowledge about these issues that can be applied to better understand and apply the acquired information in their careers. BlockchainUA focuses on being accessible for its attendees by combining traditional talks with other activities like photo reports, video recordings of speeches, an exhibition area, a startup alley, and even sweepstakes.

More than 60 speakers will offer their knowledge in areas of their expertise during the conference, bringing diversity and dynamism to the topics that will be treated. Among these speakers are:

  • Gordon Einstein – Chief Legal Officer at Distributed Lab.
  • Giacomo Zucco – Bitcoin Educator BCademy.
  • Stas Oskin – Co-founder at Pontem.
  • Alexis Roussel – Chief Operating Officer of Nym Technologies.
  • Meinhard Benn – CEO at SatoshiPay.

The full list of speakers can be consulted here.

Assistants can choose from two tiers to enjoy the conference: The Early Bird tier, which allows users to access three program tracks, access to the start-up exhibition zone and includes printed conference materials; and the VIP tier, which offers all the benefits of the Early Bird tier and also includes VIP check-in desk, a VIP badge, and reserved seating in the first two rows.

BlockchainUA is being organized by Distributed Lab, a leading company that provides digitization and tokenization of assets to several high-end customers.

For more information about tickets and availability, consult Blockchain UA official page here.

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