Blockchain Mumble Rap Starter Pack

Let’s start by talking about linked lists. What is it you ask? Why it is the data structure that gave you to Blockchain. It’s okay if you didn’t know but went balls-in by changing your LinkedIn bio to “Blockchain Expert”. You’re forgiven. The Blockchain Mumble Rap Starter Pack caters solely to your ilk.

Anyways, back to Linked lists. These are a bunch of elements that have two items – some data and a reference to the succeeding element in the linked list. Thus, if you replace an element with another in a linked list, the new element will, in all probability, have a different reference point that will not link to the linked list and create a break. Sounds familiar?

On the Blockchain, these references are “hidden in plain sight” by cryptographic encryption. Remember those games where you encoded messages by replacing letters with a corresponding number? For example, ABC became 123. Cryptography uses highly complex algorithms to convert any object into a cryptographic text.

So, if you remove an object but do not replace it with an exact replica, it will throw up an error and raise alarms.

Why are you telling this to me? I Just wanna Mumble Rap Blockchain

It so happens that the Age of spewing out buzzwords is long gone. The ICOs know it. The crypto exchanges know it. The Boomer Blockchain Expert knows it. That’s why they’re all colliding and trying to make IEOs a thing. Therefore, you, the solo-flyer, need to up your game too. Why am I helping you, you ask? Because if you up your game, you’ll still cause losses, sure, but you’ll also keep Blockchain and Decentralization alive for another two years.

If you keep upping your game like that every few years, the industry will reach its stage of self-sufficiency, just like the internet did after the dot com bust.

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