Blankos Block Party Studio Banks Staggering $1.25 Billion Valuation

Mythical Games

Mythical Games is an LA-based organization. It is also the brainchild of the entire “playable NFTs” concept. The platform uses NFT tech in identifying key gamers and owning them fully. Non-fungible tokens utilize blockchain technology. They also use a safe and straightforward digital ledger. This is for authenticating specific rare digital items.

Andreessen Horowitz, which is a marquee Silicon Valley investment company, championed the rally. This elevates Mythical Games’ total funding to $270 million. Blankos Block Party Open-World Multiplayer Game has specific vinyl form game features. They also have the capability to earn by means of gameplay. Other features include buying and selling. The game also features a marketplace and gamers can buy and sell their characters. These characters are modifiable via several adjustments as part of the game.

Mythical Games bridges the gap separating Blockchain technology from the Triple-A game ecosystem. This is one of the causes of the celebrations. It has been reserved about plunging directly into blockchain games. This follows concerns for incidences of scams, gamer hostility, and crackdowns by regulators. In a statement by the Mythical Game CEO, John Linden, the platform was not focused on coming up. This was until Andreessen approached them. Andreessen structured space for them to become their portfolio company.

Big brands in the U.S are interested in the recent developments. Mythical Game is committed to taking this step with these big players. In fact, the CEO expressed intentions to set up the ideal infrastructure. This would help them sign up for games that have a huge gamer or player following.

The Power of NFTs

Non-fungible tokens represent an intriguing mechanism where digital collectibles are monetized in games. During the first quarter, NFTs recorded $1.2 billion in sales. This was followed by $1.3 billion and $10.7 billion in the second and third quarters respectively. This was right about the same time the likes of Axie Infinity games were taking off.

NFT projects still get brushed off as overrated get-rich-quick projects. Even so, Mythical Games plans to promote mass adoption. Their motivation is that game ownership becomes possible via playable NFTs. Prior to the blockchain technology era, gamers put a lot of money into digital collectibles. The difference is that during this time there was no physical way to profit themselves.

Mythical Games features over 100 staff. With over 3 years of existence, the platform has been operational on its technology and game. Integrating NFTs to Blankos Block Party requires Mythical Games to create a digital wallet. This ensures that players have a safe place to hold the digital assets they own.

Blankos Block Party Open-World Multiplayer Game runs atop a blockchain platform. This platform is normally developed so that transaction costs are lower. It also facilitates faster transactions, and that less energy is used. This requires technical expertise, often involving engineering works. This is why Mythical Games maintains openness for bringing in new qualified personnel.

The company is still in communication with reputable companies for licensing purposes. With the platform licensed, other game companies will be able to develop their games. They would also be able to feature NFT characters that can be played.

Mythical Games capitalizes on the recent funding cycle to develop its game ownership campaign. They want to promote mass adoption of game ownership by means of playable non-fungible tokens. This is enabled by their pioneering Blankos Block Party game. It also becomes possible with their growth to other gaming platforms.

Mythical Game provides a value-adding platform. This is through its Mythical Economic Engine alongside the Mythical Marketplace. The platform will benefit game developers. This is by enabling them to develop their own economies as gamers. It would also provide new tools that content creators and brands can leverage. They would be able to own game-based assets.

The Mythical Marketplace also enables gamers to experience certain values. These include monetary, rarity, and time-based endeavors. This is through the sale of their non-fungible tokens to different players. In exchange, they get actual money from secure transactions.

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