Bitcoin Network Node At Over 13,000, Sets New All-Time High

The previous all-time high for this metric was reached in January this year when the number of reachable Bitcoin nodes reached 11,613. Out of these nodes, 98.77% are running on the Bitcoin Core software, while the remaining percentage belongs to other protocols such as Bitcoin Knots and Bitcore.

Most Utilized Software Version

The Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 version was released in May, together with the Taproot activation code. Currently, the Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 is the most used version of the software compared to other institutions with reachable nodes. It has almost 5000 nodes, according to a metric report by Coin. Dance. A contrast report by Bitnodes states that the number of nodes accounts for 40% of the total number of nodes on the network.

According to Bitnodes, almost half of the network node count runs in Tor. This is a vast growth, given that back in January, only a quarter of the network’s reachable nodes were operating on Tor.

With Bitcoin core running on Tor, it offers the platform an enhanced layer of privacy because the IP addresses that operate on the code are hidden from plain sight.

In the last year alone, Bitnodes also stated that the node count for the network has grown by around 2739 nodes. This growth boosts the decentralized status of Bitcoin.

Growth Attributed to Lighting Network

The significant growth in the number of network nodes has also been attributed to the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is expanding with the current capacity on the network has increased by more than 70% on a semi-annual basis.

Towards the beginning of July, various metrics revealed the growing expansion on the Lightning Network. The capacity of the ecosystem grew to surpass 1800 Bitcoin. The growth happened after around 100 BTC were added to the network in less than one week.

The expansion of the Lightning network has also created immense records for the network. More metrics from Bitcoin Visuals, a statistics tracking website, stated that the LN nodes were more than 12,800. This is also an incredible all-time high statistic for the network.

The growth in the Bitcoin node network and the Lightning Network is a positive sign for BTC, given that it signals the network is growing.

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