Bitcoin Bull Launches Pizza Company That Doesn't Accept BTC!

But, every once in a while, there are some interesting and amusing stories that emerge, and my favorite was always the Bitcoin Pizza Day origin story.

Bitcoin Pizza Day

For those who might not know, about 11 years ago, on May 22nd, a man called Laszlo Hanyecz — an early BTC adopter — offered 10,000 BTC to anyone who brings him two Papa Johns pizzas. Sure enough, he received them and paid $3.8 billion for them, according to today’s prices.

Ever since then, May 22nd has been known as the Bitcoin Pizza Day. However, another interesting story regarding BTC and pizza also took place this year, when a major Bitcoin proponent, Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano, launched a brand-new pizza firm aimed at supporting the Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund as well as small businesses.

Bitcoin and Pizza – A Match Made in Heaven

I thought it was a great idea and that it might bring BTC a new use case in the US since the new Bitcoin Pizza brand was said to be launching in 10 different cities, starting on May 22nd. You can imagine my surprise when it was revealed that Bitcoin Pizza doesn’t actually accept Bitcoin.

Pomp commented on the new endeavor, stating that Bitcoin Pizza will offer 10,000 pies on the launch day to commemorate the historic BTC transaction, but other than that, it seems like it will only be another pizza place.

Interestingly enough, the brand ‘Bitcoin Pizza’ also got trending on Twitter in the US, thus increasing the awareness and attracting a lot of positive support. Pomp even said that, just like BTC is working on disrupting the banking sector, he also wants Bitcoin Pizza to work on disrupting the incumbent corporate pizza chains, calling it the first decentralized pizza brand.

Would you be interested in trying Bitcoin Pizza?

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