Bitcoin ATMs Add Support For Shiba Inu After Adding DOGE

Bitcoin of America, a well-known provider of Bitcoin ATMs—or BTMs, as they are popularly called—announced yesterday, April 4th, that Shiba Inu (SHIB) will also be supported on its devices from now on. The company operates over 1,800 BTMs in 31 US states.

Their decision to list Shiba Inu comes from the project’s surge in popularity, making it the fifth coin to become supported, following Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, which was only added a few weeks earlier in March 2022.

The Listing of SHIB

On April 1st, Bitcoin of America posted a tweet saying that something big was coming to its BTMs on Monday. The community seemed to be rather pleased by the addition of the SHIB token but also surprised that the token was listed so quickly after the previous memecoin.

True to its word, Bitcoin of America posted the official announcement on April 4th, in which it claims that the listing of SHIB was an answer to the community’s requests.

This is likely a reference to another tweet published on March 25th, where the company asked which cryptocurrency users most wished to see added in 2022. The most common answer was Shiba Inu.

However, it is worth noting that some of its users already found SHIB on the BTMs prior to the memecoin being added over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu’s official Twitter posted its own announcement, stating that the listing proves that the token continues to play a major role in crypto adoption. With the addition to Bitcoin of America, SHIB will now also be available on all 1,800 BTMs in the United States.

A Big Move for SHIB

The listing is an important step for Shiba Inu, whose price reacted yesterday by rapidly jumping back to the resistance at $0.000027, which was previously rejected earlier on the same day.

The coin has been trying to crack this resistance ever since April started, making over 6 attempts at doing it, but being unable to permanently breach it.

The final attempt took place earlier on April 4th, and the price got rejected to $0.00002576, only for it to bounce back up after the announcement was made, and once again try to break through this level.

Unfortunately, the resistance barrier still seems too strong for that to happen.

Even so, the move represents a big leap for Shiba Inu, which is now expected to see a boost in popularity across the United States. Investors can now acquire the coin directly or sell it for cash, and with more accessibility, more people may start buying it.

About Bitcoin of America

Bitcoin of America is a crypto ATM operator that made a number of changes to the way crypto ATMs work.

They launched universal kiosks that combine the functions of traditional ATMs with those of Bitcoin ATMs, making an easy-to-use hybrid that lets users withdraw cash from their debit cards or from selling crypto at the kiosk.

Furthermore, users can also use bank transfers, as well as PayPal in addition to the debit cards, as BTMs now accept all of them.

The company continues improving its BTM machines to make them as simple and as convenient as possible, with many extra features and functions.

What cryptocurrency will Bitcoin of America add next? Investors will have to wait and see.


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