BitBasel: Miami’s Crypto Art Community Comes To Life

One that stands out is BitBasel.

The Origins of BitBasel

BitBasel is made up of a local Miami community who have been spearheading blockchain education efforts across the city since 2013. BitBasel’s mission is to connect, educate, and empower artists through NFTs.

BitBasel chose their name as a nod to Art Basel, an art gallery with locations in Miami Beach and Hong Kong. Like Art Basel, BitBasel dedicates its work to artists.

The company started as a digital art event in December 2020. They led on the front lines for the rise of Bitcoin and NFTs. BitBasel has watched Miami rise into a position that could solidify them as the number one city–the capital of cryptocurrency worldwide.

Grassroots creators are central to what BitBasel does. The company empowers these creators with the tools and support needed to launch their first NFT collection and achieve success in Web3. Any artist new to Web3 has a home at BitBasel and will gain access to everything they need to succeed.

BitBasel and Bitcoin Unleashed

BitBasel is a proud sponsor of Bitcoin Unleashed, a premier Bitcoin convention.

Bitcoin Unleashed will be held on April 5th and 6th at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach. The event offers a wide range of Bitcoin-focused breakouts. Sessions include technical workshops, live demos, speeches, panels, parties, and discussions on topics ranging from DeFi to GameFi, NFTs, and more.

Anyone involved with Bitcoin is invited to attend.

“Together we can lay the groundwork for Bitcoin innovation.” – Bitcoin Unleashed

BitBasel and Women in Crypto

It is widely known that the creator of the Bitcoin whitepaper, Satoshi Nakamoto, is anonymous. Some forward-thinking women in crypto considered an alternative to the prevailing narrative and dared to ask: What if Nakamoto is female?

The creator of Bitcoin could, in fact, be anyone! Thus, the Satoshi is Female movement was born. BitBasel backs the Satoshi is Female movement, which is currently sweeping through the crypto universe.

Satoshi is Female is a metaphor for an optimistic, global, and inclusive future. It is a future that pulls out a chair for any creator, no matter their gender or what beautiful place on earth they call home.

This movement aligns with BitBasel’s mission to empower grassroots artists and integrate Web3.

What’s Next for BitBasel?

BitBasel is just getting started. They have several drops and events lined up for 2022.

Coming up soon is the See Creatures Party at Oasis in Little Haiti on April 7th, from 9pm-5am. Oasis is a gorgeous location; if you’re in the area, be sure to attend!

Some of the most diverse, dynamic, and forward-thinking artists call Miami home. There, BitBasel has developed a way to intersect art, music, design, and technology. Their events, initiatives, and artists are not to be missed.

Miami is a gorgeous coastal metropolis unlike any other city on the planet. It’s poised to take over the world as the crypto capital, and BitBasel, a Miami native, is leading the revolution.

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