Birthday Parties In The Metaverse, Is It Too Soon?

I was about to turn 29-years old. It would need to be epic.

What was my first move?

As an artist I’ve always valued providing new, unique immersive experiences for people to cherish. I started my crypto journey about 4-years ago, but only within the last couple of months have I integrated the technology with my art.

My name is Drasen. I’m a House Music Virtuoso living a magical musical journey for the last 12-years. Not only that, but I’m also thrilled to be working with the team at Blockster and helping to push the project forward!

I’ve had some memorable moments. DJ’ing prestigious events for the Lamborghini and the Ferrari family at the Miami Supercar Rooms was a big deal in my career. Back in 2018 I was sitting at my computer listening to my favorite show, Clublife by Tiesto. It was like any other episode, until it wasn’t.

Did he just play one of my songs? It sent chills down my spine!

But this March the clock was ticking. I needed an idea to make this Birthday special. This was the last chance in my twenties. Screwing it up wasn’t an option.

What if everyone could get my NFT?

There is a Metaverse called Decentraland, where all your assets such as skins, clothes, collectibles and the actual land you walk on are NFTs. Through the Blockchain Education Network, I was able to connect with the owner of the InnKeeper, a land parcel dedicated to music parties and festivities in Decentraland.

It was the perfect virtual club for my party.

At the InnKeeper, they give out free music NFTs via the Polygon network! By simply attending the party, they’re able to read the guests’ wallet address and send them NFTs on the spot.

What an innovative and engaging play.

My first show at the InnKeeper was back in February, where they were testing the waters with me. Needless to say, I absolutely murdered the show and bought a crowd of people into the Metaverse by heavily promoting it on Twitter. I even got the Social Director of Decentraland, @PeanutbuttaDCL, to join in.

After seeing my first show’s success, the InnKeeper wanted to move me to their scheduled show days and feature the songs I’ve created as an NFT.

The only way to do an event is go ALL OUT.

By awesome coincidence, one of their show schedules coincided with my Birthday and my Remix Releases with Sofiya Rothschild. So I decided to make it a Birthday Remix Release Party for the show! On top of that I created a new song specifically minted for the big occasion and to be given out as an NFT to all show attendees. I went to Vitto Von Don’s studio and set up the streaming for the show.

It didn’t go as planned.

An issue arose. The 3pm EST start time was different from the 8pm UTC time originally posted because of daylight savings. I love the extra sunshine, but it was messing with my plans. So we had the USA user base show up at 3pm, but the majority of the community wouldn’t come until 4pm.

“No problem” I announced, “I will keep the party going for 2 hours then!”

At 4pm, there were about 250+ in the room dancing to my newly released remixes. I also teamed up with professional VJ Pipalukdotio, so at 4pm I switched over my audio/visual signal to her computer in Amsterdam.

My birthday just went global. Now it was a party. Great music, amazing visuals, free NFTs, all in the Metaverse with over 250 global attendees.

This stream in the Metaverse was an intercontinental collaboration.

What an EPIC experience!

The show ended at 5pm and everyone who attended got my Music NFT. It was one of the most innovative things I’ve done so far in my DJing career using Web3 and the Blockchain. I learned a bunch. I’m going to keep innovating for the next show! I’m highly grateful for all the wonderful support my closest friends and family have given me.

Until the next one…

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