Bezoge Earth – Is A New Shiba Inu Ready To Break Out ?

bezoge earth

Shiba Inu is a meme coin. When it launched, it was an obvious spin-off of Dogecoin. While this coin was initially thought of as a joke, many people are now taking a second look. As of this writing, SHIB ranks 14th place in market cap among all cryptocurrencies. Not bad for what people once looked at as a prank.

Okay, so why should you care that the Shiba Brothers got lucky on SHIB?

Because now they are all-in on Bezoge Earth.

Bezoge Earth (BEZOGE) is a meme coin with its own metaverse, The Legends of Bezogia –a massive open-world sandbox-style game where the video game world collides with the defi world. (Such communities have become known as “GameFi”, meaning one can play video games and earn money.)

Let’s start with Bezogis, which are cute character NFTs. Bezogis look like what you would get if you took a dog, cat, bear, and fox, put them in a cartoon blender, and added every color of the rainbow. They are cute, colorful, and sometimes terrifying.

What is valuable about GameFi NFTs is that they become an asset in on-chain gameplay. Players can collect Bezogi warriors and then mint special weapons and steal resources, all on the Polygon blockchain. Players also have the option to lease out their characters or sell them for a profit. The players here are not just community members; they are also building the game. They are essentially part of the company. They make decisions and help carve out what the game becomes over time.

If you are looking to snatch your own Bezogi, they are currently sold out. You will have to head over to OpenSea to see your options.

The Legends of Bezogia has gained international attention already. They were the sponsor of the Dubai Globe Soccer Awards in December 2021. This move positions them for massive growth. People can laugh all they want about video games and cryptocurrency, but players will be earning money from game play. They’ll be making money in BEZOGE coin while our US dollars continue to lose value, languishing in our bank accounts.

You can see why the Shiba Brothers are bullish on Bezoge Earth. In a recent interview, they said they hadn’t purchased any SHIB recently, but that they were investing heavily in BEZOGE. Bezoge Earth is not just a meme coin; it’s a group of people creating a whole new world, where all can participate, play, and earn money. What more could one want from their day job?

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