BBC Reporter Purchases First NFT, Describes Process as ‘a Nightmare.’

Things are much, much better these days, although still not quite perfect, as it turns out. The latest example of this came from a BBC reporter that wanted to buy their first NFT. The reporter, Cristina Criddle, described the process as a nightmare, showing just how difficult and intimidating things still are for someone who might be just casually interested in crypto.

How Difficult is it to Buy Crypto?

Now, to be fair, I personally don’t think that the crypto industry is that far from becoming very user-friendly. The effort is certainly being made on a daily basis to get there, as being easy to acquire and use will make crypto reach greater levels of adoption. However, Criddle’s experience definitely shows that we are not quite there yet.

She pointed out that the early excitement about purchasing and owning digital artwork was quickly suffocated by tangling with gas prices, significant shifts in Ether price, long waiting periods for transactions to get approved (during which both ETH and gas prices moved), and more.

In her words, the experience sucked the fun out of the process, and if most casual users tend to feel that way when they first experience crypto, then it shouldn’t be so surprising that adoption is advancing as slowly as it is. In fact, the only reason why the industry has become as large as it is might simply be because of the skyrocketing prices. The potential to make a quick buck makes people more motivated, and they are willing to tackle the difficulties of the process.

But, if someone is approaching just for fun or checking things out, it is understandable why they would find it overly complicated and simply not worth it.

On the Right Track

Still, I don’t think this should be taken as a negative. Rather, it should be a learning experience, and we should use this testimony to figure out which parts newcomers find particularly difficult or unpleasant and work towards simplifying them further.

Did you find buying cryptos or NFTs difficult?

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