ARPA Chain (ARPA) – An Interesting Project That Is Here To Stay

However, in October the market experienced an interesting recovery, I think mostly due to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in European countries. Payments giant PayPal will accept 4 cryptocurrencies initially in the United Kingdom.

Now to ARPA. I am a firm believer that many projects will disappear, and it is a fact that many are already inactive. I do not think this is the case of ARPA as it is a good project, which seemed to fade in the middle of the year, its currency lost almost 50% of its value, however like the rest of the market it is in recovery. It is worth mentioning that in just 30 days it has doubled its value.

What Does ARPA Offer Us?

Security and exchange of highly private data is its greatest strength and the technological deployment it uses for this purpose is its greatest feature. It allows you to manage data portfolios and data management through efficient smart contracts in the ARPA network.

The utility token is the ARPA, which is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Using ARPA, you can process transactions maintaining security of information, whatever its origin. This allows the consolidation of databases, information for banking and insurance processes, and in general, prevents fraud or data misuse. This is the main objective of the ARPA project, to keep data secure and reliable.

The project is based on the Ethereum blockchain but also compatible with the EOS chain which is excellent for further developments. With enhanced and private smart contracts, it is ideal for financial developments. Both data and applications run outside the Ethereum chain, this is important because it gives the option to operate in any blockchain, and all data is encrypted. Users can be sure that their information can not be violated by anyone to carry out fraud and the information is also protected from unwanted computer attacks.

Who is Behind ARPA?

The project has funding from major accelerators and other financial institutions such as GBIC, Leader Capital, Arrington capital, and Genesis among others. It has a host of important partners such as: Alibaba cloud, IOST, and Blockcloud among others.

Conclusion – Is ARPA a Good Investment?

In my opinion ARPA is one of the leading projects in fraud prevention and bridges the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrency. Personally, I have a small portfolio of projects to invest in and of course ARPA is already included.

The ARPA token is available on several of the most important exchanges such as: Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi Global. Currently the token ranks 346th on CoinMarketCap’s ranking of the top cryptocurrencies.

ARPA is expected to have a strong rebound at the end of the year, and at the time of writing this review was hovering around $0.074618 with a clear upward trend. The annual growth has been 1,200% and in 30 days it has doubled its value. Not bad if we take into account that it was launched at the end of 2018. They have met their roadmap and ARPA is currently integrating the ETH 2.0 standard, quarterly token burns based on enterprise contracts and the final ARPA mainnet 1.5 is in testing

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