Apple Flags NFT Display Image on Gnosis Safe Wallet Update

Gnosis Safe wallet is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet. According to Lukas Schor, a product developer for the wallet, Gnosis Safe’s troubles with Apple started at the beginning of this month, when the firm launched an updated version of the wallet on the App store.

Firm Says the update did not Contain NFTs

Schor posted a thread on Twitter stating that Apple’s decision was influenced by a sample image on the app’s description section that shows an NFT. However, Schor adds that the image had been included in the description section for ‘many months and that the update did not involve NFTs.

Despite the issues, the Gnosis Safe Wallet app is still available on the app store, including the NFT sample image. The decision made by Apple to block the update is in line with the company’s rules regarding digital content.

Schor shared the response that it received from Apple’s support team over email. The response from the tech firm states that in as much as its guidelines do not mention NFTs, apps on the platform are prohibited from accessing “previously purchased digital content” not purchased in the app store.

Hence, apps are barred from offering services related to NFTs, unless these NFTs are linked to the payment methods accepted by Apple.

The email response also added that the Gnosis Safe Wallet app needs to implement an in-app purchase for the update to go through. If not, the email urged the developers to revise the app so that it does not gain access to digital content that had already been purchased.

Schor stated that Gnosis had tried to resubmit the update with a revised description, but it was still blocked. However, he added that the firm would appeal the decision and urged Apple to offer a clear framework regarding NFTs.

Schor concluded that Gnosis would still offer NFT support on the app. “Simply removing NFTs from our app is definitely not an option for us,” he added.

Apple’s Restrictive Guidelines

The current guidelines from Apple state that apps listed on the store can only use the payment options provided by the firm. The firm charges a 30% commission on all in-app purchases related to goods and services. However, Gnosis does not sell NFTs, hence the current issue.

However, these guidelines by the firm have heavily been contested, and they may be revised soon. In the case between Epic Games and Apple, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers gave a permanent injunction that will bring major changes to policies on the app store.

Last year, Epic Games, which is behind the popular Fortnite online game, launched its in-app purchase system that its app users will use. However, Apple delisted the app from its store.

The delisting prompted Epic Games to file a lawsuit against Apple, where it addressed the tech giant’s in-app purchase systems.

On September 10, Judge Rogers made the first ruling on the case where she issued a permanent injunction for Apple to allow an alternative payment option for apps on its store. The injunction is slated to be effective on December 9, 2021, and could see a major change in Apple’s app store.

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