Announcing the Blockster Rebrand

What happened to blockster

Hey Blockster fans! We have spectacular news for you. We’re undergoing a major rebrand and want to provide our community with some context around our provocative pivot – which will launch the Blockster brand to a stratospheric level of prominence. 

Over the last few months, Blockster has watched the world’s most respected brands and personalities accelerate their adoption of Web3 and cryptocurrency. Notable individuals and companies are now queuing up to be vocal proponents for all things crypto/blockchain. We get it. This cultural paradigm shift has created an unprecedented opportunity for Blockster to become a full-on “crypto-lifestyle” brand.

Blockster has strategically positioned itself at the center of this revolution. Our new headquarters are located in Miami – the crypto capital of the world – where we have limitless opportunities to capture the electricity of our city’s hippest people and hottest events, while we showcase those ultra-cool trends that seem to always radiate from the Magic City.

With Blockster’s shift to crypto lifestyle content, publishing a crypto-centric lifestyle magazine becomes imperative. Our Creative Brief will give you a feel for our new brand direction, and give you a teaser of what is to come in Blockster Magazine. Hint: The coolness factor of Blockster Magazine is unbeatable. In addition to the digital version of Blockster Magazine, we are delighted to announce the imminent release (this summer) of our magazine in print form. Meanwhile, you can continue to browse our website as you stay tuned for more details on our magazine. 

We have anticipated your questions. Let’s get you answers:

What happened to the old Blockster platform?

Blockster released its early access platform concept last summer. Since that time we have been developing partnerships with many leading projects while simultaneously building our network of writers. During the course of our R&D stage, we discovered that our brand is more appealing if it is built around “crypto lifestyle” content, which has been consistently proven to be the most “sticky”.  

Therefore, our team has decided to fully pivot towards lifestyle content. This gives our brand a strategic competitive advantage: very few if any crypto brands capture or convey the crypto lifestyle with any degree of success or sparkle.

What is happening with the BXR token?

The BXR token is still tightly coupled to the Blockster brand, continuing to serve as its utility token. BXR’s first utility enabled advertisers to pay for online advertisements on – and that utility will remain the same. However, BXR will now have an additional utility: readers of the magazine may subscribe to premium content. (BXR membership subscription will be multi-tiered and is scheduled to be released with our mobile app later in the year. The current website is still free and full of awesome content.)

Is there a new product roadmap?

 Of course. We will release an updated product roadmap in the coming weeks.

Our Team is Growing

The Blockster brand vaults higher each week, thanks in large part to several impressive executives who recently joined our Blockster Family. Under their steady leadership, the future of the Blockster brand remains in impeccably capable hands. In the coming weeks, we will be formally introducing our new Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Growth Officer (who we have affectionately named “Mr. FOMO”).

While the old Blockster is history, the new Blockster is destined to be historic. Great things are coming for both Blockster and the crypto community at large. We appreciate all of your support while this new stage of our journey unfolds.

Team Blockster values all feedback, questions, and concerns—feel to share your feedback on Twitter.

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