AMC Theaters Decides To Accept Shiba Inu In Early 2022

Shiba Inu has seen a massive amount of growth over the course of the last few months, which attracted traders, HODLers, and the media. The memecoin was even proclaimed a potential DOGE killer, which was an idea that had attracted even more attention following SHIB’s surge that allowed it to outperform DOGE.

Ever since the SHIB adoption has been skyrocketing as well, and the most recent example of this is AMC Theaters’ recent announcement to accept Shiba Inu through BitPay wallets.

AMC Theaters, one of the world’s largest movie theater chains, has been increasingly bullish on the crypto industry over the last several months. Now, it decided to make moves that will allow users to make their ticket purchases with digital currencies.

It even offered a timetable of SHIB adoption, noting that it will start accepting payments in the next 60-120 days, or two to four months. In any event, the adoption will not happen before the start of 2022, according to CEO Adam Aron.

BitPay itself has yet to accept Shiba Inu, which it decided to do on Aron’s own suggestion. Meanwhile, AMC will be the first to actually use the service, according to Aron’s recent tweet. Following the adoption of SHIB, AMC users will be able to make online payments to purchase tickets and pay for concessions.

BitPay’s adoption of SHIB is also an important development that will likely open doors for the use of SHIB at other services and companies in the near future.

SHIB joins a number of larger coins

Aron also said that AMC will start accepting a number of other cryptos only about a week before the SHIB announcement. According to him, that should include Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and other cryptos that will be used for online payments.

Meanwhile, the theater chain decided to make another interesting move and announce that SHIB and the other mentioned tokens will not be the only ones that will be accepted. It also plans to start accepting Dogecoin, which will then be used for the purchase of gift cards worth up to $200 per day. This was announced even earlier, back in October of this year.

As for SHIB itself, it saw its all-time high in the final days of October, when it hit $0.00008845. Since then, it saw a significant correction in early November, after which it surged to $0.00006. Over the last 10 days, however, it has been slowly spiraling down, which led it to its current price of $0.0000486.

Shiba Inu seemingly did not react to the news yet, since it is currently 10% lower than 24 hours ago, although it is possible that its price behavior might change soon.

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