Addressing The Situation In Ukraine – From Our Co-Founder

Dear Blocksters,

Many of you are seeing our platform and reading our stories for the first time, and I hope you’re enjoying what we’ve built. This has been a long and challenging journey, as you can imagine any startup would be. However, we’re finally getting close to releasing a really cool platform specially designed for the global crypto community.

The most common feedback we receive is that the platform looks great—and that the design and branding is exceptional! But what many of you don’t know is that Blockster’s roots are in Ukraine. All of our designers are based in Ukraine, as is much of the development team—they are all literally hiding in shelters, fighting for their lives.

Startups are difficult by nature, but what our team in Ukraine is having to endure presently makes them heroes in our eyes. I am extremely grateful for the courage they have shown the world in working through this war. For all of you who have been following our stories and supporting our mission–to build the world’s leading platform which will unite all crypto-centric people into one place–please pray for our team in Ukraine. They are working through the ravage of this war every day to make this project a success.

Dear Ukrainian team,

My heart goes out to all of you. I am extremely proud of each of you and grateful for the endless hours of work you’ve put into building Blockster. As Blockster grows and gains exposure and user base, the world will know that Blockster has roots in Ukraine–that this amazing platform that we have built was proudly designed by Ukrianians. As a Ukrainian myself, I am honored to be working with such talented people.

I pray that this war will be over soon and that you all can continue doing what you do best: creating beautiful designs and art, building cool technology, and being part of the global crypto revolution. Love you guys, I hope you will be safe.

Long Live Ukraine!

Lidia Yadlos

Co-founder of Blockster

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