A Project To Watch–NFTv

When I was growing up, Saturday morning meant one thing: cartoons.

We didn’t have a lot of money back then, so my entertainment consisted of a handful of VHS cassettes (remember those?) with content I had recorded from TV programs. I still remember waiting to hit the red record button right at the beginning of a show or movie that I wanted to watch. I started the recording as close to the beginning of the program as possible so I didn’t have to fast forward through more commercials than necessary.

But I’d still wake up early on Saturday to watch cartoons. I’d quickly pour my glass of milk so I could watch Looney Toons. When I missed them, I was devastated. And furthermore, when a cartoon came on that I’d seen before, I was equally disappointed. If I knew already that Daffy Duck’s beak was going to swing all the way around his head, then what was the point of giving up any of my valuable Saturday morning time?

I had no control. None.

To say those days are over is an understatement. Netflix gives us unlimited amounts of content with little fear of missing anything. Apple TV throws original movies into my living room starring film greats like Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and others all offer original programming too.

But one thing hasn’t been granted to me: Control. I still have no control of the program that these broadcast giants offer.

Until now.

Greg Cipes has a vision that goes way beyond Saturday morning FOMO. He’s launched a project that’s so lofty and inclusive that I knew I had to do an interview with him about it.

It’s called NFTv.

Who is Greg Cipes?

Every big endeavor starts with the ambition of a single person. And in this case, it starts with Greg Cipes. Blockster had the honor of snagging some of his time and hearing about how NFTv is set to rock the metaverse. It’s definitely a project you should watch… literally.

“I’ve been the voice of Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go for twenty-plus years. I’ve been working in the television industry for so long and was even involved in creating a TV network,” Greg said.

He was humble about it, but I certainly wouldn’t have been. He’s had roles as a voice actor in different projects, including the 2012 reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was Michaelanglo.

Over the years, he’s also appeared in acting roles, including one in The Fast And The Furious. If you’re looking for someone who knows the TV/film industry to head up a project as ambitious as NFTv, look no further than Greg.

“I love the industry. I’m also an early adopter,” he said. “I was one of the first investors into the Cameo platform. With my expertise as a creative actor, it helps me to serve artists. And that’s what NFTv’s about. I want creatives to have a home where they can be honored, supported, and nurtured.”

And that’s Greg’s vision, for sure. But it’s not just his.

A Shared Dream

“Seth Goldstein and his work really inspired me to want to do this. I saw the potential for something that had never been done before.”

Greg Cipes and fellow actor Lukas Haas started NFTv together. The two actors caught a glimpse of what was possible with NFTv. But that vision was incubated by the Bright Moments DAO. According to Greg, the DAO is the secret sauce of NFTv’s future success.

For (and By) The People

“Television is no longer elitist. It’s not exclusive,” Greg said. “This project is definitely special. By supporting it, you gain access to a community that actually supports the content you’re making. Your content is supported and put right alongside start-studded content, like Will Wheaton’s ‘Medical Marijuana Man.’”

Even if you don’t like Medical Marijuana Man, you’ll appreciate the DAO.

Greg expressed the most enthusiasm when talking about the structure of NFTv, “The best interest is to put the power of change into the people’s hands and not the billionaires that run global media companies. NFTs can make this happen with harmony in the world, and you’d end up with the most powerful network on the planet run by people.”

The people, meaning the DAO.

For those of us who might be new to the world of cryptocurrency, the DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. They’re the ones holding the remote control on NFTv. Because of the DAO, the project is uniquely democratic.

“The DAO will always vote on what’s going on. Anyone can be on the DAO, not just creators. If you hold the producer card, you have the ability to earn, submit, and watch NFTv content.”

The memberships are going up for sale in the weeks to come. Greg insisted they’d be reasonably priced given the value they provide, “With one of these memberships, the holder will not only be able to watch awesome content streaming on NFTv but they’ll also be able to submit content to be voted on by the DAO.”

This is fantastic. Imagine if this type of platform existed years ago—it would have given YouTube a run for its money.

Greg continued, “We want this to be the first TV service that’s run by the people and for the people. Inclusivity is key. No censorship. And what’s shown is what has already been voted on by the DAO.”

The DAO regulates and quality controls. Unlike the federal government, these members have a vested interest in NFTv’s success.

“This goes beyond streaming,” Greg said. “Since the format of the network is short form, the content of NFTv can also be an NFT. And once people start joining the DAO and getting those producer cards, this is really going to ramp up.”

But believe it or not, NFTv goes even beyond that.

Not ONLY “For The People”

If the democratic process to get the TV you want doesn’t impress you, perhaps you’ll be moved by the Wingman G Foundation.

“First and foremost, NFTv exists to empower the creators. But we are also teaming up with folks from the NFT community to support the Wingman G Foundation—an NFT series that pays for dog adoption fees, dog food, and other costs associated with adopting a dog. It’s geared toward those who are less fortunate.”

Wingman G is Greg’s dog, by the way. And with the work that Greg is doing with NFTv, his legacy looks to stand the test of time.

How to Find Out More and Get Involved

The plan is that NFTv will be everywhere. It’s not going to be limited to just one place, i.e. only on Decentraland. Similar to the content itself, the DAO will determine the rollout. In the coming weeks, NFTVnetwork.com will become the project’s home. In the meantime,

Greg is on Twitter, and his DMs are open if you have questions about the project.

But the best way to get a glimpse of what’s already happening on NFTv is on Twitter and LinkTree. You can get an even more in-depth taste of some of the short-form content Greg referred to by going to the NFtv YouTube channel.

Hit that Saturday Snooze Button

Don’t worry about whether or not Netflix is going to reboot Stranger Things after its final season. Don’t be upset when that show you didn’t get a chance to binge watch drops off the program list of Hulu. And don’t be like me and actually start a show in its first season thinking it’s going to get renewed for a second season based on how awesome it is. (I’m looking at you, NBC.)

Rather than relying on multi-billion-dollar companies, we can watch whatever we decide with NFTv. That means television just fell into the collective hands of entertainers and their audience alike. It means we have more control than you ever had before.

So sleep in on Saturday, worry free. And maybe toss out that old VCR, too, while you’re at it.


Speaking of sleeping, why not pick out some furniture for your metaverse pad to watch NFTv on? Yeah, it’s a thing, and you can see how some have invested into it.

And while you’re at it, bring your dog, too. Wingman G doesn’t have to have all the fun. Digitizing your doggo gives you another dimension of enjoyment with your favorite furry friends.

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