5 Incredible Women in Crypto – Not Just a Male Arena

The pioneering crypto women

Our first hero is Galia Benartzi, a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Bancor. Working on the project since 2017, she basically turned it into the multi-million dollar giant it is today. A plant lover, blockchain enthusiast, community builder, and loyalist, as she claims in her Twitter profile. She also made it to Forbes Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech list – which kind of speaks for itself, too.

Elizabeth Stark is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lightning Labs: a company that aims to improve the scalability of blockchain systems and make blockchain transactions faster and cheaper. Besides that, Elizabeth advocates for crypto at Coincenter, where she helps develop fair regulations for cryptocurrencies.

Talking about the advocates, we cannot fail to mention Kristin Smith: a Member of the Board of Directors of Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web, and the person behind the Blockchain Association. Her mission is to develop fintech technologies, bring together innovators, the general public, and regulators – and help them all find common ground.

One of the clearest voices of crypto is a renowned crypto journalist Laura Shin: a former Senior Editor in Forbes, she has vast experience in writing and editing – and a sure instinct for a good story. She also hosts Unchained and Unconfirmed: if you are a fan of podcasts, make sure to give it a try.

And the last in the spotlight for today is Meltem Demirors: a devoted crypto bull and a CSO at CoinShares. Connecting traditional investors with the crypto world and helping them navigate digital asset investments is her game, and she is good at it, managing portfolios for over 120 companies and four subsidiaries.

Do you have a hero in the crypto industry (regardless of their gender)? Share their name in the comments below ⬇️

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