5 End of Year Price Predictions – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple and Doge

This kind of volatility can be both alarming and lucrative at the same time. Even for expert analysts, it can be somewhat tough to make inch-perfect price predictions. Crypto aficionados have been revising their crypto price projections time and time again.

Well, this guide highlights the experts’ most standard end-of-year price predictions for top assets – BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, and Doge.

Bitcoin ($64k-$100k)

When exploring crypto’s end-of-year prospects, Bitcoin is the number one asset to consider. Bitcoin is the largest crypto asset with an over 40% dominance in the crypto market.

Therefore, a slight drop in BTC’s prices sets the entire crypto market in a bearish position.

Being the most prominent asset, experts have high hopes concerning the price of Bitcoin by the end year. Most experts forecast that bitcoin could hit $100k by the end of 2021, while others set a low of $96k. Bitcoin may hit the predicted values.

Generally, the strongest resistance Bitcoin has been facing over the past few weeks was at $50k. However, this coin managed to breakout, and its strong resistance level is around $58k and $64k. Once the coin breaks out, it will genuinely head to $96k and later $100k. But why?

There is a lot of force driving the market prices of Bitcoin currently. Among them include;

  • Bitcoin’s continued institutional support. Large institutions like Tesla, Microstrategy, and others show immense support for BTC as a currency.
  • Bitcoin’s adoption by governments like El-Salvador. El Salvador owns 400 BTC.
  • The upcoming Bitcoin Taproot upgrade in October-November will drive bitcoin’s prices further up.

Ethereum ($5k-$10k)

Ethereum is another asset whose investment prediction is a must-know for crypto investors. The second-largest crypto has made some of the most incredible price surges in 2021. In fact, it hit $4.4k sometime in May. Although the coin later plunged, it’s currently on its way to recover its prices. When writing this guide, Eth was trading at just about $3.7k.

Experts have different sentiments when it comes to the prices of Ethereum. However, the common conclusion by most experts is that this coin will increase further in value. Some predict that Ethereum could hit just a little over $5k at the end of 2021. Others expect that Ethereum could go to as high as $10k.

If Ethereum continues to be bullish, it could hit $4k sometime in mid-September and hit $5k towards the end of 2021.

Here are a few reasons why Ethereum could hit between $5k to $10k;

  • Ethereum recently completed the London hard fork that led to higher investor confidence
  • Ethereum will be moving to Ethereum 2.0 in December, increasing investor confidence
  • The Defi and NFT growth is one factor that increases confidence levels
  • Experts expect the bitcoin bull run to continue towards the end of this year. Bitcoin’s bull run will affect all cryptos.

Cardano ($3-$10)

Cardano has been quite impressive in the past few weeks, and as such, experts have much hope. At the start of August, Cardano was merely trading at $1.3. However, this coin surged in value, especially after bitcoin and Ethereum became bullish. Cardano hit an ATH at $2.9 towards the end of August and is still going to rise.

There are many different predictions on the prices of Cardano towards the end of 2021. Earlier, experts predicted that ADA could close the year at a price of about $3. However, in early September, Cardano managed to surpass the $3 mark. As such, investors have been revising their predictions, putting Ada’s value at the range of $5-$10.

Here are a few reasons why experts believe that Ada could be trading at over $5 by the end year;

  • The Alonzo Hardfork effect.
  • dApp, Defi, NFT increase in the network. Some dApps may move from Ethereum to the Cardano network after the Alonzo hard fork. Cardano introduced an ERC-20 converter to streamline the ERC-20 migration.
  • The Bitcoin bull runs effect.

Ripple to $2

Ripple XRP has been among the top-performing assets for quite some time now. XRP is one of the coins that have been vastly gaining in price, and expert analysts have very positive hopes for the coin. Its recent bullish actions sent the coin to number 6 in CMC rankings before dropping to 7th.

Experts predict that if XRP continues with its current price rally, it could hit its 2021 high of $2. The ATH for XRP is a little over $3.5. XRP is not likely to hit its all-time high this year. It has been unable to go towards the ATH since 2018.

However, it could easily hit $2 by December. What drives XRP’s price increases? Here are a few;

  • XRP always depends on the price actions of bitcoin to increase in price.
  • XRP mid this year announced plans to introduce Defi and NFT support by launching an XRP ledger. The news bolstered investors’ confidence.

Dogecoin ($0.5-$1)

Dogecoin is another crypto asset that investors should consider. Currently, the coin is number 8 in CMC rankings and looks like it’s still headed for more. One Dogecoin is about $0.2. What do experts think about Dogecoin’s end-of-year price?

Experts have a difference of opinion concerning the prices of Dogecoin towards the end year. However, some believe that the coin could hit the price of $0.55 to $1. Generally, Dogecoin’s price actions this year show that the coin has got much potential. The coin managed to hit ATH at over $0.7. So, what would drive the price of Doge to $1?

There are several factors behind the rise of Dogecoin in recent months. Among them include;


Although the crypto world fell vastly from its all-time high, experts’ predictions show that crypto could increase towards December. BTC being the top crypto, could quickly surge to $100k in December. Ethereum, the second-largest asset, might close the year at $5k. Cardano, XRP, and Doge could end the year at values of $5, $1.9, to $0.5.

Solana, a new gem, has also been showing massive potential recently. In just three weeks, the coin tripled in value and currently stands at over $186. It’s not clear whether the coin’s bullish actions will be short-lived. However, as it stands now, the coin is a precious investment. Such gems and many others help in the growth of the crypto world.

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