5 Cool Things the Bitcoin Lightning Network Can Do

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network allows its users to send satoshis vastly faster and more cheaply than Bitcoin’s primary network. Using a “secondary network,” these transactions have different rules for accounting payments outside Bitcoin’s blockchain. However, these transactions are eventually settled and recorded as a regular transaction when a user asks to close his channel.

After a couple of years under development, exchanges such as Bitfinex, OKEx, and Kraken, are now accepting Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals using the Lightning Network.

How do you access the Lightning Network?

Let’s say you have a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet app, such as Breez Wallet, Blue Wallet, or Eclair Mobile. For starters, you need to fund your wallet, and most will accept on-chain (regular) deposits.

Now comes the fun part! Bitcoin’s second-layer solution offers infinite possibilities due to its barely noticeable fees. Can you imagine playing CounterStrike (CS:GO) and earning satoshis for every kill or win? That’s what Zebedee Infuse offers.

Unfortunately, it is required to download their own Lightning wallet, but keep in mind there is no cost for that. The game is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux and offers three modes: deathmatch, competitive, and survival.


Take it from me, this is a highly addictive and excellent showcase of Lightning Network capabilities. If you love third-person shooting games, then this one is undoubtedly for you.

Not a Game Fan? Check out LNtxbot

A Telegram bot that uses Lightning Network to send and receive micropayments using the communication app. Basically, it’s a wallet that can be accessed through any chat group or a private conversation. Furthermore, there’s no need to install or download anything.

Just access the following link: https://telegram.me/lntxbot and interact with user @lntxbot. The first command is “/start” to initiate the short guide.


It’s a cool feature to tip content creators, place bets between friends, and settle poker parties. Try it out!

Casino Online? I’m in!

Casinos and bets are a huge internet hit. However, cashing out has always been a problem. That’s where Lightning Roulette excels, instant and almost free transactions.

You can deposit as few as 5 satoshis to play and take as many spins as you wish.

Lightning Roulette

The code is open-source, so you have guaranteed fairness. Try not to get addicted, and enjoy the clean and simple design.

Hungry? Care for a Domino’s Pizza?

At ln.pizza, you can order and pay for your Domino’s Pizza anywhere in the U.S. Wait; there’s more! You get 6% off on every purchase. Can you believe it?

Sure, it would be great to have this feature in other countries, but the possibilities are endless. Instant transactions for daily payments!

Want to Earn a Few Satoshis?

Sats 4 likes” is a microtask marketplace that pays in satoshis. For example, there are offers to follow someone on Twitter, like a Youtube video, or subscribe on some mailing list.

It might not be for everyone, but it opens up the possibility for microservices to expand.

Buy on Amazon Using a Virtual Card

Moon – Pay with crypto is a browser extension that allows you to buy anything online using a virtual VISA debit card that can be topped up using the Lightning Network. eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Steam, Airbnb, and many other stores accept those cards as valid payment methods.

Those prepaid cards must be used within 60 days of creation, so make sure not to lose your satoshis. They offer a cashback program too, so you can save a few satoshis while making your regular purchases.

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