5 Coins That Have Become Worthless in 2021

Below are the five coins that have become worthless in 2021:

BitConnect (BCC)

In 2017, BitConnect was the favourite altcoin to crypto investors. At the time, the coin used to create new highs every day, and by December 2017, it had already created an all-time high.

However, BCC’s prices dropped by over 90% after a few months, and the coin became worthless. The high returns paid to investors for the coin were being acquired from new investors; hence the entire coin failed when it could no longer sustain itself.

OneCoin (ONE)

OneCoin was one of the earliest crypto scams. After launching, the coin was deemed a “Bitcoin Killer” by its founder, Ruja Ignatova. Referring to herself as the CryptoQueen, Ignatova popularized ONE, and the coin gained a huge investor following.

However, the founder later scammed all the investors, as she used money paid by new investors for the coin to reimburse earlier investors. The coin finally failed, and the fonder disappeared.

GetGems (GEMZ)

GEMZ was also one of the greatest cryptocurrency failures of all time. During the launch, the developers of GetGems stated the platform would be used as a social messaging app to enable people to transact in Bitcoin.

In May 2017, GEMZ hit an all-time high of $0.0579. However, shortly after, the coin’s trading stopped without notice, and investors lost their money. The coin has remained inactive to date.


SpaceBIT was one of the most hyped cryptocurrencies in 204. The developers behind this project had the objective of ensuring virtual currencies were available globally. These developers even created nanosatellites to support the coin’s infrastructure.

Despite the ambitious efforts of the team, the coin quickly lost value, as talk about it on social media platforms died down.

NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT)

The developer of this cryptocurrency had the ambitious plan of transforming the healthcare sector through cryptocurrencies. The coin was created in 2018 to enhance data security and lower costs related to healthcare.

However, the developers of the coin stopped talking about it on their Twitter feed in April 2020. The Twitter platform has been dormant ever since; hence it is classified as a dead coin.

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