5 Awesome NFT Artists to Follow on Instagram

Los Malandros NFT

Check out these 5 NFT artists who’ve made it onto Blockster’s favorites list. They’re doing awesome work and building strong communities, and of course, the artwork is stunning.

They’re not running any special promotions or dropping anything huge right now—we just really like them, and wanted to spotlight some of the great NFT artists that are out there and give them some Blockster love.

Los Malandros

Los Malandros is a Cyberpunk / Sci-fi collection of sick MF avatars available as NFTs on Opensea. There will only ever be 800 handcrafted avatars available and they are dropped in batches of 40 every month. Each month 25 avatars are created by MLNDR and the other 15 are collaborative efforts with other guest artists from the NFT space. Each Malandros is carefully handmade in C4D and rendered in Octane Renderer.

One of my favorites is the collaboration between Los Malandros’ creator MLNDR and Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park / Fort Minor / Ziggurats) shown above called Cathedral—the quality of the graphics is ridiculous. The artwork includes a visually stunning animation set in a dystopian future, featuring Mike’s signature Doodles and a soundtrack custom-produced by him for the piece. It sold for 4.4 ETH ($12k) on February 3rd.

Eddie Gangland

Eddie is an NFT Artist creating NFT Skulls that have been featured in Rolling Stone and Vogue Magazine and are sold on Opensea. Based in Blockster’s hometown of Miami, Eddie is the true definition of a Blockchain Hustler (a Blockster) and has some huge plans for building his brand far into the future and getting rich doing it but doing good along the way and having a positive effect on the people he touches – definitely keep an eye on this guy:

Despite the popularity of his skulls, Eddie has completed that collection and is now working on something completely different. He said this recently on his Twitter:

Mark my words — my art and what I’m most recognized for is going to look completely different in 2 months. I’m tapping back into street art in a big way and I’m totally changing up my nft game.

We’re looking forward to seeing Eddie’s new style and showcasing it here to the Blockster community.

Mark Constantine Inducil

Mark is a Filipino-Australian visual artist. His distinctively vivid & textured renders attempt to capture memories, experiences & past trauma and can be found on Superrare. He’s popular in Asia and has work featured in a Japanese magazine, a Beijing art exhibition and a street exhibition in Thailand. 

Alexy Préfontaine

Alexy is a 3D Illustrator and Art Director from Montreal, Canada. His work is all about colors, balance, and emotion. Blending surreal landscapes and digital portraiture, he has managed to craft a distinct style over the years and develop a keen eye for details, while focusing on the emotional impact.

Aeforia’s piece above called Intrusive Thoughts is one of my favorite NFTs of all time. The graphics, the animation, the music, the way the flamingos are dancing – I love everything about this collaborative piece between Shapiro500 and Alexy made in 2020 which sold for 16 ETH ($37k) a year ago.

Victor Langlois

Victor, also known as Fewocious, has taken the NFT market by storm. In April 2022 he sold nearly $20 million in art in a 24 hour period, putting him at almost $50 million in total sales in just over a year. His most well known piece, Nice to meet you, I’m Mr. MiSUNDERSTOOD, sold for 882 ETH ($2.8 million) at the auction house Sotheby’s in October. 

Now living in New York, FEWOCiOUS first started creating art at 13 in his hometown of Las Vegas. His foray into digital art was born both as a refuge and an escape for the young transgender artist. 

What’s more Blockster than making $50 million by the age of 19 by doing something you love? Big respect to this guy, stay tuned for more about Fewocious.

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