The Latest Phygital Trends In Fashion


What makes NFTs so unique is that there will only ever be one original. The power of this verifiable originality at scale is the key reason why NFTs are becoming an arsenal for fashion.

The crossroad between fashion and Web3 allows for fans to receive physical products from virtual tokens, so that they can wear their digitalized apparel in both the metaverse and real world. 

Phygital — or ‘digital twinning’ — is the idea that you can take something that exists physically and create a digital pair of that as an NFT, and then you can hold on to that and redeem it for the physical…”

Ivan Soto-Wright, Co-Founder and CEO of Moonpay 

Check out some of the latest trends happening with phygital fashion.

RTFKT Releases The Phygital Hoodie

This week, Nike expanded its lineup of NFT clothing with the RTFKT x Nike AR Genesis Hoodie, an exclusive digital hoodie for RTFKT’s Clone X NFT avatars. In addition to the virtual item, each owner will also receive a physical hoodie equipped with a near-field communication chip (NFC) that allows for wireless communication between the clothing and its respective NFT.

Using a combination of trackers and QR codes, owners can bring their physical hoodies to life in AR with effects such as virtual wings.

Moving forward, the company will introduce additional utilities to its catalog of digital clothing, such as tokens to access exclusive in-person events.

Tommy Hilfiger x Roblox NYFW Show 

Another big trend that will continue in fashion are metaverse fashion shows. Earlier this week, Tommy Hilfiger announced that he is returning to New York Fashion Week for the first time in three years with a “see now, buy now” show that will be live streamed on Roblox.

The brand’s physical Autumn 2022 show will take place on 11 September at the Skyline Drive-In in Brooklyn. It will be broadcast to Roblox users, and avatars wearing the collection will walk through the platform’s virtual New York City.

All products shown physically will be available to buy immediately, a long-running offer from Tommy Hilfiger. Roblox users will also be able to purchase digital exclusives, details of which have yet to be announced.

“This season is all about the collision of my favorite archival inspirations with the new live event concepts and virtual worlds.”

Tommy Hilfiger

The brand first partnered with Roblox in December 2021 on a 30-piece digital fashion collection. In June, Tommy Hilfiger expanded its presence on the gaming platform with the Tommy Play community space.

Other major brands which have partnered with Roblox include Burberry, Gucci and Ralph Lauren.

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