Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With The EcoSapien NFTs

Nihar Neelakanti, Founder & CEO of Ecosapien NFTs

How The Ecosapien NFTs Are Helping Fight Climate Change

NFT’s have evolved past just market hype and FOMO, with one project offering utility that provides something far beyond special privileges or rewards: helping the planet.  

An NFT created to mitigate climate change is called the Ecosapien, a first of its kind carbon-backed NFT. Buyers of the digital art of the Ecosapien — which is a fantasy-like creature intertwined with nature — receive carbon credits based on the regenerative activities the NFT is attached to.

In an exclusive interview with Blockster, Ecosapiens CEO Nihar Neelakanti explains “because carbon is a real commodity, we can claim that this NFT can never go to zero dollars because the carbon itself is fungible.” This means that an Ecosapien NFT will not only help save the planet, but also appreciate in value over time.

The symbol of the Ecosapien represents the offsetting of 20 tons of carbon (the typical American emits 13 tons per year). Even with the speculative nature of crypto’s energy use on the planet, this NFT symbolizes impact tied to a fundamental value.

“We’re calling this the ‘own and evolve’ model,” shares Neelakanti. “You can evolve your character to become increasingly more rare the more carbon you sequester to the platform.”

Nihar Neelakanti, CEO of EcoSapien NFTs

He explains that beyond the digital art, an Ecosapien acts like a Pokemon character in that it evolves and increases in rarity.

By partnering up directly with carbon suppliers, the Ecosapiens team matches projects that are sequestering carbon in perpetuity and matching them with NFT owners, making it a financial commodity that appreciates over time. “When you buy it, you’re literally directing your dollars from the NFT toward someone who is doing something positive for the planet,” says the CEO.

Combining impact, rarity, simplicity and virtue signaling with blockchain technology is how the team behind Ecosapiens is working to introduce a greener option for people to choose — one that is better, faster and cheaper through technology and community belonging that holds the potential for long term consumer decarbonization. 

EcoSapiens NFTs, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
EcoSapiens NFTs

Ultimately, the Ecosapien is just the first step within the company’s acquisition strategy toward building the world’s largest climate community, which is called the Ecoverse. With a core community of sustainable-focused people, their roadmap beyond the NFT consists of a philanthropic DAO that drives capital towards environment projects and charities, an eco credit card that diverts points into carbon, net zero merchandising and community events that energize people to do good for the environment. The CEO tells Blockster that this token-gated platform will enable homosapiens to become Ecosapiens.

“In our community we like to say we’re ‘pragmatic optimistic,’ explains Neelakanti. “I think there are billions of people around the world that really care about the planet and are looking for ways to do more but need to find an easier way and need to be part of a community.”

The Ecosapiens project announced in May their $1.5M raise of funding led by Boost VC. The initial NFT drop is expected to offset up to 200,000 tons of carbon, which will represent one of the largest single consumer purchases of nature-based carbon.

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