host of the Meta Spiritual podcast.

Tori Madison

Tori explores the multidimensional realms of AI, virtual worlds, and the future of tech's impact on humanity and collective evolution. Her research focuses on how Web3 will impact our future, environment, workforce, and mental health.


It's that time of year again, Art Basel in Miami mirrors the city's most vibrant energy, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians alike from around the world. The sun-drenched haven of creativity and tech trends, Miami has become a global hub for Web3.

By Tori Madison

December 4, 2023


Umoja, an innovative project that combines art, blockchain technology, and philanthropy, is making significant strides in supporting underprivileged communities, particularly the children at Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Uganda.

By Tori Madison

November 24, 2023


theART-Dept, a new, multi-use, multimedia art gallery, storefront, and hyper-inclusive event space in West Hollywood, is emerging as a revitalizing hub for Los Angeles’ various siloed scenes, neighborhoods, “spaces,” and creative communities.

By Tori Madison

November 4, 2023


Explore The Canvas: NYC's Innovative Retail Platform, Redefining Shopping for Emerging Brands and Conscious Consumers with Sustainability and Web3 Initiatives.

By Tori Madison

October 29, 2023


Sheila Darcey, a visionary artist, author, and innovator, is set to captivate audiences with her upcoming exhibition, "A Portal for Healing," Friday Oct. 6th - Sunday, Oct. 8th, at ArtDept. a cutting-edge gallery and event space in West Hollywood.

By Tori Madison

October 5, 2023


Join the Meta Betties exhibition at Canvas 3.0 Web3 gallery on September 26th, where digital art and postmodern feminism intersect with social justice initiatives. Explore their digital collectibles linking holders directly to local policymakers

By Tori Madison

September 25, 2023