M1NTED: The First NFT Festival Made In Malaysia

The buzz for NFTs–and crypto in general–is gaining more mainstream attention. As Blockchain Hustlers, this is music to our ears.

Recent Successes and High Interest in Major NFT Events Worldwide

Have you ever been to an NFT event or conference?

Miami hosted Miami NFT week, LA put on NFT LA, Lisbon presented the Non Fungible Conference, and now Malaysia has its very own high-profile event.

M1NTED is set to take place at the iconic KLPAC on 4th and 5th June, 2022.

M1NTED Aims to Attract NFT Enthusiasts from All Over Asia

“As the world embraces the world of web3, NFTs cannot be ignored. We believe that M1NTED can be a platform for the idealists, futurists and the most important aspect of all movements, the community, to connect, collaborate and co-create,” said Iqbal Ameer, founder and chief executive officer of The Livescape Group.

This two-day event is organized by The Livescape Group, an award-winning creative experience and business incubator based in South-East-Asia.

A force to be reckoned with in the ASEAN events industry scene, The Livescape Group will undoubtedly put on a world-class NFT festival–the first ever in Malaysia. In doing so, they are aiming to finally put Malaysia on the map of the metaverse.

M1NTED will feature a conference that includes a diverse lineup of speakers, panel discussions, other-worldly activities, and a festival area.

The event seeks to help the public gain a better understanding of NFTs and the stimulating possibilities they bring. M1NTED is open to anyone, whether you are an expert, an enthusiast, or just curious about NFTs.

M1NTED is Where Your NFT Journey Begins

Are you a JPEG collector or are you a lover of art? Explore the evolution of NFTs and how it impacts the art and fashion industries as M1NTED features local artists and collectors.

Maybe you’re a musician? Discover how music NFTs are changing the way fans connect with their favorite artists and the future.

Are you passionate about gaming? Get ready to meet the region’s leading guilds as they share their knowledge, experience, and tips.

M1NTED plans to include some of the region’s best minds, guild leaders, and industry luminaries to participate in the event’s many offerings. They also expect to host internationally recognized keynote speakers as part of the event.

Lips are sealed at the moment, but The Livescape Group’s track record of getting the best in the business is well-established, and M1NTED expects to announce these details in the coming weeks.

Join the Party at M1NTED

If you have experienced major FOMO while watching your Twitter feed full of Miami NFT Week and NFT LA Tweets, and if you can get to Southeast Asia, this is your chance to finally meet other Degens in your area!

Registration to M1NTED will open on May 1, 2022. General admission ticket-holders receive access to all halls. VIP attendees will have access to additional benefits such as early access to pre-launch NFTs and networking opportunities.

For more information visit: www.M1nted.asia or follow M1NTED on Twitter.


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