Getting Bearish with the Okay Bears NFT Project

Okay Bears is an NFT project built on the Solana Blockchain. Have you seen a well-dressed & fashionable bear on your Twitter timeline saying “WAGBO”? That’s them. 

Okay Bears minted on April 26th, 2022, and have already experienced jaw-dropping rallies – a welcome relief in what is becoming an entrenched bear market. The project’s daily trading volume has been surpassing some of the biggest collections found on Ethereum–with no staking features, no breeding mechanisms, and no passive income opportunities. In what feels like early Bored Ape Yacht Club vibes, the collectors are electing to build a global brand (and an exclusive club) on design and community alone. 

Why the Hype?

There’s a common trend among communities requesting “utility” from their respective projects. This mindset has given rise to the meme “can devs do something?” Okay Bears entirely circumvents this by dedicating their project’s mission toward building a brand. They are not currently promising many value-added features beyond this, which so far has proven to be a unique differentiator for the project. Nevertheless, the OK Bears team has started to lay the groundwork for additional utility & value.

The Future

According to the OK Bears’ roadmap (entitled “Blueprint”), the team is actively building what they wryly call the “Bear Market.” Clever names aside, the Bear Market section of the blueprint outlines the team’s desire and ability to form partnerships with Web3 & Web2 industry leaders.

Okay Bears is currently working together with Magic Eden, the #1 marketplace on Solana, to build an NFT marketplace dedicated to buying & selling Okay Bears which includes member-only perks. Okay Bears has also formed a strategic partnership with Shopify to create a Token-Gate Ecommerce experience. This will give holders access to limited-edition merchandise.

If Okay Bears succeeds in besting brands like Supreme and Stone Island in creating a culture around a second-hand shopping experience, this exclusive access will prove to be extremely valuable. Okay Bears is also looking to build real-life experiences through pop-up stores in cities worldwide.

The Community

The Okay Bear team is leading several community-run initiatives to further create value for its holders. The team is working on building a curated online fan-art gallery to display various works of their community members. Okay Bears also plans to host several grassroots real-life exhibitions that will feature 1-of-1 NFT artists. Another inclusive community-driven initiative being hosted by the Okay Bears is a collaborative LoFi mixtape to be featured on Spotify.

The Okay Bears have already solidified their position in NFT history. They are now positioned to grow their brand into legend. 

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