Creating IRL Web3 Experiences At The Crypt Gallery

King of Midtown with Ice Cube. The Crypt Gallery

The Crypt Gallery hosts two IRL spaces in New York and LA, with both allowing NFT artists and collectors alike to connect with each other on a mass scale.

King of Midtown (a.k.a Tommy), the founder and CEO of The Crypt Gallery, self-dubs the spaces as the ‘people’s galleries,’ wherein everyone has the platform to showcase their art and collections using its IRL model.

He spoke exclusively with Blockster to touch on all facets of the innovative Crypt Galleries, as well as what the future holds for them, what his own Web3 journey has entailed, and how his fellow NFT enthusiasts can continue to survive and thrive throughout the ongoing crypto winter.

King developed a passionate connection with crypto art during the pandemic, which prompted his idea to showcase NFT art and bring together the virtual Web3 community he had been immersed in, into an IRL context.

“I was finding art as the medicine, whether it was titles, literature on pieces, the piece itself, and then to top it off, the creator behind it,” shares the Crypt Gallery founder.

When describing what community members can expect to experience when making a visit to one of the Crypt Galleries (with locations at Dream Hollywood (LA) and Dream Downtown (New York City)), King explains that the galleries’ artworks are showcased on four different types of hardware which include projectors, square-screens that help brand each artist, and live-drop walls which display bids, timers, clocks, and any other digital marketplace elements.

Gallery goers are able to enjoy the NFT art, connect with artists, collectors, and even hear stories from Whale collectors. “From an investment standpoint, if you’re coming into the space, you want to listen to the one that has spent their money here, and has taken risks-and for what reasons and why,” explains King.

As both galleries are featured within the Dream Hotels of both LA and NYC, King describes the importance of utilizing the hospitality industry: “I didn’t see the white box gallery implementation as having as massive of an impact”.

Taking the route of hospitality to house IRL NFT galleries is also strategic in reaching a global audience and scalability, with King explaining to Blockster that the Crypt Gallery at Dream Downtown in New York City holds over seventy screens, which King says is “a reality that is hard to manifest within traditional art gallery settings.” 

King envisions the current and future Crypt Galleries to become Web3 hubs, wherein community members, artists, brands, celebrities, newbies, and anyone with an interest can gather to “have a drink, eat, [drink] coffee, sit, lounge, and just immerse themselves in art”. 

Visit The Crypt Gallery’s website for more information here, and to watch Blockster’s full interview with King of Midtown, click here.

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