Brittany Kaiser Is Helping Us ‘Own Your Data’ Via Web3

Brittany Kaiser, Co-Founder of Own Your Data Foundation

Digital personal data is the world’s largest asset class, and many of us who contribute don’t see rewards from the work that we do or the data that we share. Web3 technology is flipping that model on its head, with the help of Brittany Kaiser.

Brittany Kaiser, a member of FS360, is a globally recognized expert in data protection. She is the Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower and main subject of Netflix’s documentary, ‘The Great Hack.’ She shared with Blockster the importance of individuals protecting their digital rights and being rewarded for sharing their digital assets.

“If you are producing valuable data, time and attention — which is all considered work in terms of the data science side — then with your proof of work for sharing your digital assets, you are then rewarded,” says the activist, regarding the implementation of blockchain technology.

She explains that with a Web3 model, there is an incentive for users to spend time using technology products, which is “the complete opposite of the way Facebook and Google and Amazon have traditionally worked.” This kind of revolution means that everyone around the world who shares their data can be rewarded.

Documentaries like ‘The Great Hack’ and ‘The Social Dilemma,’ which concentrated on the issues of big tech, not only brought about a surge of awareness among the common person, but it triggered exponential growth in the Web3 industry, with people entering the space with the fortitude to build products that are more ethical and socially impactful.

Kaiser is hopeful that the way to own and protect our data will become much easier than it is today (switching the use of our main tech products and search browsers). As the technology and initiatives develop, the entrepreneur urges people to start their journey to become more digitally conscious now. 

“Look at the apps on your phone. A big chunk of those apps you downloaded once and for one purpose, yet you are continually giving away your data for purposes hidden in the app’s Terms and Conditions,” warns the Co-Founder of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA). In many cases, we are sharing our contacts, videos, photos, access to our microphones and cameras 24/7, and even 24-hour access to our live locations.

“We must switch the products we’re using and change the way they work to protect ourselves from disinformation, the targeting of children, and the incitement of violence. These are huge issues on social media.”

Brittany Kaiser, Co-Founder of ‘Own Your Data’ Foundation

Though the outlook of restructuring these technologies and modifying our habits seems substantial, Kaiser believes we’re getting to a place where things are changing. “I’ve always been someone who would prefer older companies to change the way they do their business than for new companies to pretend that they’re going to replace the behemoths anytime soon,” she shares.

“Unfortunately from what I’ve seen over the past four and a half years, companies like Facebook are not that interested in changing their business model or spending the amount of investment that it would take to actually fix the main problems that they have in their architecture.” Kaiser believes that if Web2 companies do not implement Web3 strategies, eventually they will become obsolete.

Her work stems from her passion for people to own and control what she believes is their most powerful assets as soon as possible. That’s why the Co-Founder of the Own Your Data Foundation works across legislation, education and technology development all at the same time to pass laws, implement generational education and create new technology products.

Kaiser says over the coming years, we will see a proliferation of consumer products that will make it easier for us to own our data.

To watch Brittany Kaiser’s full interview on The Blockchain Hustler, click the video below.

Brittany Kaiser is a member of Future Shape 360 (FS360) and spoke at their event in Denver last month.

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