A Decentralized Open-Source Platform for NFT Creators

Holaplex, Decentralized Platform for NFT art community

Today we are excited to feature one the community’s top enablers for Web3 development: Holaplex. They are the original provider of open-source software to the Holaplex Community of NFT creators and collectors.

Holaplex launched in November 2021 with a mission to build a future that is decentralized, open sourced and permissionless for the world’s top NFT creatives. Holaplex enables it’s 45k monthly active users to mint, list, and purchase NFTs on the Solana Blockchain without needing to code.

As an alternative to closed-source, privately-owned NFT platforms, the decentralized open-source Holaplex platform supports a community of users empowered to govern themselves and design flexible solutions.

“All of our technology is open sourced. This ensures that the community grows in collaborative ways.”

Alex Kehaya, Founder of Holaplex

We at Blockster are pleased to support this awesome community! Below you will see some of their top performing NFT artists. Follow them and if you’re NFT artist, be sure to join their community.

John Le

Visit profile on Holaplex 


Visit profile on Holaplex

Culture Hacker

Visit profile on Holaplex


Visit profile on Holaplex

Kid on the Pheonix

Visit profile on Holaplex


Visit profile on Holaplex

The Observer

Visit profile on Holaplex

Holaplex provides creators a secure, thoughtful space to share their creations. Crypto’s recent correction suggests that bear markets are for builders.

Historically, some of the most important technology has been built during times when markets are down. What is especially exciting right now is how developers are working in open, collaborative ways.

Solana’s Hacker Houses continue to be well attended, with exciting new tech being showcased at the conclusion of each event. Additionally, Holaplex has seen an overwhelming demand for our recently released API that provides performant blockchain data for Web3 applications. 

What makes Holaplex unique is that there are no gatekeepers, no selection bias and no walled gardens. By providing open and permissionless access to our no code tools, Holaplex has been the starting place for many of the most successful creators in the space’ says Alex Kehaya Founder at Holaplex

“We believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed in this ecosystem.

Developers in the ecosystem have code in which they can utilize to get off the ground and reduce the need for redundant work.

Alex Kehaya, Holaplex

Products by Holaplex:

  • Profiles and the Alpha feed – Web3 social NFT network 
  • Marketplaces – white label marketplace 
  • API – Indexes blockchain protocols 

More on Alex Kehaya, Founder at Holaplex:

Alex Kehaya is the founder of NFT MarketPlace HolaPlex, an Advisor for the Solana Blockchain, and a full stack developer with experience in Market Validation and Sales.  

Alex has developed high level product strategy and communicated technical requirements to engineering teams and key stakeholders.

He has spent the past several years working as a consultant and entrepreneur with Fortune 500’s and startups to accelerate the development of new software products and go-to-market strategies. Currently, Alex is working in the blockchain space and is looking for new use cases for blockchain.

His work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, FastCompany, Product Hunt, Pando.com, and several other publications.

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