Web3’s Sexiest & Most Disruptive NFT Experience

Adriana Arce, NFT collection. Photo by Lauren King.

While Web3 may be a male-dominated space making up 74% of the market, the women of Web3 are embracing the new technology to empower each other, and to help increase female presence in this space.

One woman who is doing just that is Adriana Arce, the CEO and Founder of media company Hauss of Power. Arce is a powerhouse in the music industry, having managed Miley Cyrus for nearly a decade as she became the most searched pop artist in the world.

Today, Arce is the Vice President at REBEL Management, managing top artists like Lil Nas X and Labrinth. Having first hand experience with the music industry undergoing the transition into Web3, Arce is now using blockchain technology to launch her very own unique NFT collection that will undoubtedly drop jaws.

Introducing The Nice F*cking Titties ‘NFTs’ Collection

What may be Web3’s sexiest and most disruptive NFT experience yet is Arce’s Nice F*cking Titties (or ‘NFTs’) collection: a 1/1 woman built digital art collection showcasing women’s breasts. The women who choose to participate in the project will remain anonymous, and will have their photos turned into NFTs, receiving profits back from the sale of their NFT art.

Buyers of the Nice F*cking Titties NFT collection will also be supporting reproductive rights, with a percentage of the money raised being donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds.

“I feel propelled and inspired to build this project and inspire women to follow me into Web3.

I feel invested in this experience because it’s so unique, and nothing like this has ever been done before in this space.”

Adriana Arce

With projects like Pussy Riot’s Proof of Protest NFT, Salem Ilese’s ‘Crypto Boy’ and Molly Dickson’s Computer Cowgirls, the number of NFT projects supporting abortion rights are increasing as Web3 community members fight back against the United States Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

Read further for today’s interview with Adriana Arce, CEO and Founder of Hauss of Power, who talks about her NFT experience Nice F*cking Titties and her passion for female empowered self-expression in Web3.

You are a powerhouse executive in the music industry, having managed Miley Cyrus for nearly a decade and now Lil Nas X. How did you first get into the music business?

I grew up as an artist myself. I started singing when I was about 8 years old and by the time I was 15 I had a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music. I always thought I was going to be the next Beyoncé, and no one was going to get in my way. 

So I went to college and started to learn about the music business industry, and discovered that it was a lot better suited for me. It felt more aligned with where I was supposed to be. I then came out to LA and got into the artist management business.

I managed Miley Cyrus for about 10 years. I started to work my way up my company, and now I work with Lil Nas X at a company called REBEL.

What has been your transition from the traditional music industry into Web3?

One thing I love most about Web3 is that it feels like artists have the opportunity to own the relationship between themselves and their fans without a middle person. That’s really powerful.

I always believed that the most important connection for an artist is between them and their fans, and no one should ever get in the way of that.

Web3 does that for creators — business creators, content creators, art creators. It puts the talent to fan connection as the priority, and that’s always been really inspiring to me about Web3. There is no one in the middle.

Web3 technology and NFTs are already making a huge mark in the music industry. How do you see this new technology changing the traditional music industry as we move forward?

With Web3, fans can be financially, as well as, emotionally connected to their favorite artists. Music can be impacted greatly. With the royalty structures — how royalties are paid out, the structure, and how they are collected and accounted for — blockchain technology has an amazing system that could really clean up the accounting process.

The entire ticketing and scalping market can be rebuilt. Artists now, more than ever, can raise money for themselves with web3. They don’t require a whole system behind them if they choose not to have one.

You are the CEO & Founder of Hauss of Power, the media company behind NFT experience, ‘Nice F*cking Titties.’ How did you come up with the idea for this NFT project?

The idea for this NFT project and experience sparked a few years ago. I was in this Facebook group that was all women called Girls Night Out LA, and this one woman posted that it was her boyfriend’s birthday and that he loves boobs, and she gave her permission for anyone to text photos of their breasts to him and she posted her boyfriend’s phone number.

So all these women texted pictures of their breasts to this girl’s boyfriend and everyone loved it! The boyfriend loved it and all the women loved doing it. It wasn’t their man, he didn’t know who was sending the pictures, it was a fun, wild experience that inspired me.

I’ve also always felt very strongly that a lot of these performers in the adult industry, people on Only Fans, strippers — they do not get proper recognition for the businesses they build. These women are building $1M+ businesses per year, yet they’re shunned from society even though they’re employing so many people.

Influencers are able to build incredible brands and have brand deals for teasing sexuality, whereas women in sexy businesses are isolated from the equation. I wanted to create a way to highlight all women, that’s what Hauss of Power is about.

“True freedom in life is to be fully self-expressed, but you need money and power to be fully free and not have to rely on other people’s opinion of you.

Women need to have the opportunity to be owners in whatever they’re building for themselves and have secure advancements on their finances.”

Adriana Arce, CEO of Hauss of Power

With the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade, that exemplifies the lack of respect for women and the lack of value placed on women. Women don’t just build babies — they build f-cking businesses. And when there are opportunities of power, women are sexualized.

So if you’re going to sexualize me, I’m going to profit off of this exchange. There’s power and dominance in that. 

Starting out in the music industry as an artist myself, I would walk into meetings feeling nervous being the only woman in the room. Then I started to understand the power of being a woman. It’s my greatest asset.

This project is about flipping the script and taking our power back. We’re saying to men, ‘If you’re going to sexualize us, then pay for it on our terms.’

Your NFT project empowers women to express themselves while making money and giving back. Explain the benefits the women will receive who choose to be a part of the Nice F*cking Tittes NFT experience?

I feel like there is a creative expression and even a little naughtiness that feels fun about this project. These women should feel like they’re skinny dipping! The process should feel fun and very comfortable because you show up however you feel most powerful.

All the women whose breasts are a part of this project become owners in the project alongside us. All these women are going to be able to say that they own a piece of a tech company, and they’re able to be paid out from it. I believe in teaching by doing.

This is a fun way to also teach about Web3. There have been so many barriers and things we’ve had to fight through. I feel like I’ve fought through glass ceilings my whole life. To me, this feels like, especially for women coming on board and being owners in this project, it’s an opportunity for them to own a piece of a tech project and learn about Web3 while also making money.

There’s a naughty financial element that’s a lot of fun as well. I had a team of women who helped me learn about web3, and now this is a fun way for us to not only to learn about web3 together, but to contribute to the economy financially also as builders.

“I want all the women who are a part of our project to own their power, not even just spending money in the Web3 space but owning the fact that they are builders.”

Adriana Arce, CEO of Hauss of Power

Why should women be a part of this project? And why should men support this project?

Men and women should support the project and buy the NFTs if they like titties! (laughs) I feel very much for a lot of women, we’re put in situations where our power feels taken from us. There are opportunities to take our power back by owning our decisions and how we show up in the world.

Women are constantly sexualized, so I feel like let’s make money off it then! This is a fun, anonymous project if you choose to be anonymous. If you choose to not be anonymous, then f-cking show it off, girl! 

Men should support this project because a lot of men are constantly looking for ways to empower women. This is a perfect way to empower women, and do so in a fun, sexy way. It’s a cheeky way to support women while getting a little something for yourself as well. 

How do you hope your NFTs will raise money and awareness for women’s reproductive rights?

NFTs are digital art in its most basic form. They stand for ‘non-fungible tokens’ but around here with my project, they stand for ‘Nice F*cking Titties.’

This project is super important to raise awareness for reproductive rights and women’s rights in general because this project gives women the opportunity to express themselves however they feel most powerful by showing off their nice f*cking titties and making money while doing it.

We believe women should be owners in everything they do, their bodies, their choices, and how they choose to express themselves in this life. With Hauss of Power’s NFT project, we are showcasing women’s breasts, and the women participating can choose to be fully nude, wear a bra, be covered in whipped cream, etc.

These women are choosing to show up however they feel comfortable and most powerful. With this project, we are raising money for the National Network of Abortion Funds so women can continue to have liberty over their bodies.

How does it feel to be launching this project at the time Roe V. Wade has been overturned?

It feels powerful. This is a way for me and other women to own our power in the society that’s trying to take it from us. Owning our self-expression, our body, our choices — even if those choices don’t align with other people’s agenda.

“I will continue to fight for myself, my friends, people in vulnerable communities whose rights are on the verge of being taken.”

Adriana Arce, CEO of Hauss of Power

This NFT experience is more timely than ever because it’s all about women having the choice to express themselves however they feel most powerful. Women need to feel fully expressed in whatever way to build their power, and that can be different for everyone.

Whatever your ultimate power is, no one should be telling you want you can and can’t be. Do whatever the f-ck you want, however you want it, under your f-cking terms. We’ve been building Nice F*cking Titties for the last six months and now it’s as timely as ever.

Why is Web3 the perfect environment to create this NFT experience?

Web3 gives people ownership in what they build, and ownership in life is so powerful. The Web3 space needs more women, more diversity, more inclusivity for all identities. This space is so innovative, it’s such early days, and the need for disruption is now more than ever.

In my particular project, I chose NFTs because I wanted women to feel powerful and have ownership over the business they participate in. All women who participate in Hauss of Power’s ‘Nice F*cking Titties’ NFT project will become owners alongside us in this experience.

Have the market conditions impacted your project at all, and what is your advice for other builders in Web3?

I definitely think the whole world has felt this market right now. The truth is, right now is an amazing time to build. It’s a time to buckle down and focus in.

We’ve experienced bear markets, we’ve experienced bull markets — that’s just the cycle and there will be more to come. The last few years have taught all of us to prioritize what makes us happy and to remain resilient. 

A bear market is also just part of the adrenaline rush. Welcome to being a founder, welcome to being an entrepreneur. There will never be a perfect time, we simply need to put one foot in front of the other and build our dreams.

Doing this project especially in this market is more timely than ever. Our dreams deserve to be built and we need more women founders at the forefront of all different economies and sectors of business. 

What do you hope your NFT experience will accomplish?

My goal is for women to make money and have fun doing it while changing the world. I’m sick of us having to fight for a seat at the table. I want women to own the table, the chairs and the building.

What makes you a Blockster?

I am the embodiment of a blockchain hustler. We’re taking our power back by literally selling our bodies as art. The project is called ‘Nice F*cking Titties’ — talk about hustle! Can we hustle any more?

“We believe in ultimate expression, living in our truth and women being fully self-expressed however they choose to. We want to create a fun, spicy space in Web3 for women to hustle however that hustle looks for them.”

Adriana Arce, CEO of Hauss of Power
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