Spotlight On Gucci Vault’s Rising NFT Artist, SamJ

SamJ, Gucci Vault's Rising NFT Artist on SuperRare

In an exclusive interview with Blockster, emerging digital fashion artist SamJ tells-all about their introduction into the Web3 space, how they were able to attract the attention of high fashion brand Gucci, and why they believe digital fashion has the capabilities to shape the future of expression and communication between human beings.  

The non-binary American artist first came across the Web3 realm when their father’s friend taught them how to invest in Bitcoin a number of years ago. After selling their crypto back in December 2019 to help fund their art studio, SamJ then stumbled across the likes of SuperRare and Rarible while operating as a freelance artist. Discovering the synchronistic crossover of crypto and art led SamJ to utilize non-fungible digital art to propel their legacy.

The pinnacle of the artist’s cryptoart journey thus far is their selection to be one of twenty-nine artists involved in Italian fashion label Gucci’s ‘The Next 100 Years of Gucci’ crypto art exhibition, which launched as part of the brand’s innovative Vault Art Space. Entitled ‘Rite of Spring,’ SamJ describes their digital art contribution as something which “reflects the limitations that we experience when trying to express ourselves in our closest relationships”.

In embracing blockchain and VR (performance) technology, the digital fashion piece incorporates designs that are “not possible in the real world,” through textile designs, gradient prints, animated textures and anti-gravity art — ultimately creating an enhanced solution for expression and communication. 

SamJ finds it hard to envision how the evolution of blockchain technology will precisely shape the way in which humans connect with one another at scale. Though the artist believes that such technology will give people “a base level of agency over their financial security and independence” that was previously unseen within the web2 and web1 worlds.  

In regards to the emergence of digital fashion across the metaverse and other interoperable platforms, SamJ believes that the NFT and Web3 space serves as a more accessible and democratizing medium for self-expression in comparison to physical fashion with its abundance of physical, logistical and monetary limitations. 

SamJ’s recent digital art piece “Refusé Par Le Crypto Art,” encapsulates their authentic, disruptive and innovative creativity. The life-size piece features the rejection email SamJ received from SuperRare in the summer of 2020, which SamJ says “signifies the growth and opportunities that you can make possible when you believe in yourself and prove that you’re intrinsically valuable beyond the verdict of any admissions process.”

The creation is inspired by the thought that barriers into the art world shouldn’t dictate an artist’s success, and rather, that the joys of web3 offer ample avenues for artists to work and thrive while still operating “in a way that isn’t standard, seen, or expected”.  

SamJ will be releasing their upcoming work which they describe to Blockster as their “most significant to date”. 

To view SamJ’s art, visit, and click here to watch their full interview on The Blockchain Hustler.

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