Satoshi Island: The Luxurious Crypto Paradise Island

Satoshi island
Satoshi Island

Living the crypto dream is no longer limited to Lambo selfies on social media or flexing a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT on an Apple Watch. Those actions may be how some of crypto’s super rich flaunt their success, but there’s a new flex coming.

A private island named Satoshi Island in Vanuatu, South Pacific is currently in development to become a luxury homestead for crypto professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

Satoshi Island: The Perfect Paradise for Crypto Aficionados

The island has been fully approved to become the first real-world crypto economy and blockchain-based democracy. Satoshi Island hopes to welcome its first residents by the end of 2022.

Satoshi Island NFT ownership

Hidden away between Australia and Fiji, with its mesmerizing natural beauty and tropical climate, Satoshi Island is the perfect location for living the crypto dream.

Another bonus is that Vanuatu has no tax on profits, dividends, or income for either corporations or individuals. There is also no capital gains tax, withholding tax, or death tax either–so it’s basically a land of only gains!

According to James Law, principal of James Law Cybertecture and chief architect of Satoshi Island, “Living, working, and visiting Satoshi Island will be an experience like no other. The tech industry has Silicon Valley, the entertainment industry has Los Angeles and soon the crypto community will have its own mecca.”

One NFT, One Vote: Using NFTs to Establish Ownership and Citizenship

Satoshi Island will be a fully decentralized community, governed by its residents in a true democracy built on the blockchain. Representatives of the people will be elected fairly and transparently: all Satoshi Islanders will get a chance to have their say.

Apart from voting rights, this crypto tropical island is turning digital ownership of NFTs into physical ownership of land and citizenship.

Luxurious Crypto Paradise Island

Even if you lack previous experience with owning property, you can still procure a piece of the island by acquiring Satoshi Island Land NFTs. These NFTs can easily be bought and sold, without any of the complications associated with the transfer of traditional real estate.

Each block of land is divided into 10 NFTs which can be converted into an NFPT that entitles holders to the same rights as a physical land title. This includes the right to build homes or apartments which can be lived in or rented out.

The possibilities are endless in this crypto dream world.

Once you own land on Satoshi Island, the next move is to become a citizen, right? Say no more!

With the Satoshi Island Citizenship NFT, you become eligible for exclusive benefits, including the right to live and work on the island, early access to mints, airdrops, advanced NFT security, and much more.

The genesis citizenship NFTs will be granted via airdrop to early supporters of the project, after that additional collections of Citizenship NFTs will be released at a later date.

Creating a Home Worthy of Crypto’s Future

Even as mainstream crypto adoption draws near, the world is still far from becoming an all-crypto society–one where all people genuinely believe in, accept and hold cryptocurrency.

In the meantime, this island is ideal for those who want to retire off their crypto gains or for newbies looking for the perfect crypto community in which to live and learn.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of this South Pacific island. The crypto dreams now being built on Satoshi Island are larger than life.

If you can see yourself living here, making gains in paradise, follow Satoshi Island on Twitter and apply for a Citizenship NFT.


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Maybe you want to own a Decentralized Glamping Resort instead? Have a look at your options.

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