Metazens – Edgy New NFT Project Ready To Launch

The Metazen Collection, created by Meredith Marsone, exemplifies this special kind of fire.

Meet Meredith Marsone

Meredith Marsone, a talented painter and professional artist, has been shaping her art for twenty years using oil and canvas. She hails from New Zealand and has established herself as a contemporary figurative painter, garnering international acclaim over the years and winning several awards.

Her work adheres to a style of painting called “disruptive realism.” She combines precisely painted portraits with thicker layers of paint, giving her portraits a dreamlike realism.

Beautiful faces peer through broad brushstrokes as her delicately chosen color palette inspires a sense of peace. Onlookers may catch themselves daydreaming as the light shifts and creates shadows.

“Her abstracted photo-realistic depictions express a swath of emotions and human experiences in a subtle and mysterious way.” – Stephanie Dixon, Society6 editor

Crossing Over to the NFT Space

Marsone has been working in the NFT space since 2018 with Markerspace, and she is preparing to launch her latest NFT collection, Metazens, on Solana.

Her previous projects on DeSo sold out.

  • DeSo blockchain 20 Genesis Metazens minted
  • DeSo blockchain 500 generative mint Dec 2021
  • 40 custom Metazen Metamorphs minted on DeSo Jan-Feb 2022

Metazens is a vast collection of brightly colored headshots of gender fluid avatars. Pink backgrounds, purple skin, hoop earrings, mohawks, and headphones–it’s all here. Each one is unique, and each layer is crafted to create a vibrant artwork.

The depth in the Metazens project is undeniable; every detail is painstakingly, lovingly chosen.

The collection represents the various digital appearances of personas and identities in the metaverse.

The Metazens collection consists of 5,000 uniquely generated NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. The collection includes 25 Custom 1/1 Metazens and 35 Super Rare Audiozen Music NFTs.

The Metazens NFT Collection is the most complex generative project on Solana. With 600+ attributes and an intricately coded generator, over 1 trillion combinations wait in the meta-ether to be minted.

Marsone’s Metazen community also includes a DAO. MTZN DAO is a Web3 Community, building long-term and raising funds for mental health, focusing on supporting Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Research.

The DAO is also partnering closely with musicians. Most recently they have collaborated with Murkury.

Murkury has produced the project theme track – “Metazens – Citizens of the Metaverse”, which will be available as a 1 of 1 Music NFT and used for 35 super rare audiozen NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain.

The Metazens plan on collaborating with more musicians in the future.

The Upcoming Launch of Metazens

On April 11th, the Metazens project on Solana will launch, and some fortunate buyers will gain access to a presale. Connect with the Metazens on Discord to join the presale list.

The Metazen project also offers exclusive custom music NFT collaborations for artists.

An NFT will be commissioned according to the guidance of the artist, who can then offer Metazen Music NFTs to their audience.

“We will create unique audiovisual NFTs with your creative input and assist with minting strategies.” – Metazen’s website.

Marsone and her team have thought of everything. A super-cool, badass NFT project, custom designs, a DAO focused on mental health, and music NFTs for artists.

Everyone will want in on this one-of-a-kind project.

Got FOMO yet?

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