Mental Health And Meta: How NFTs Are Making An Impact

So how does the prevalence of mental health issues influence NFTs and the metaverse?

For some businesses, quite a bit, actually.

Three crypto companies seek to shine a spotlight on a topic that so often remains hidden in plain sight. Each of them varies in its approach to the mental health conversation, but they certainly are a part of the dialog.

While these aren’t the only three, they are unique in what they aim to accomplish.

The Intersection of Mental Health and Crypto

MoonWhips is a project with 11,111 “Nested” NFTs (think Russian dolls, not birds). Leaning heavily on 80s pop culture, their art-focused NFTs are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

MoonWhips blazed the trail by pledging $100,000 to mental health causes. After that, twenty percent of their lifetime royalties are committed to continue that support.

FuYou Labs, the creator of MoonWhips, gives owners access to the MoonWhips Universe (MWU). The MWU features limited edition lifestyle items, designer figurines, and games.

Want an even greater emphasis on the metaverse? You might want to buckle up.

Dinomonks pulls visitors right into a truly Jurassic experience. In the Dinomonks world, dinosaurs have a completely new existence. Participants can explore the rich new life awaiting them and the 3,697 Dinomonks in the metaverse.

Even bigger than the dinosaurs in the Dinomonks world is its cause. Dinomonks boasts being the first project of its kind with a total emphasis on mental health.

The four founders, Roman Tirone, Renee Russo, Travis Winn, and Giselle Barbosa, share a passionate desire to bring mental wellness to the metaverse. Building on their own struggles with mental illness, they created a world where help was just a click away.

Roman Tirone, on the Edge of NFT podcast said, “DinoMonks is a space to spread peace, love, and support for one another.”

Sounds like a goal that’s out of this world—not unlike this next project.

Psilo is a mind-bending journey into the metaverse with an emphasis on galactic expanse.

The world of Psilo introduces participants into a droid-controlled earth. Through extremely vivid customization, there is no limit to what can happen in Psilo.

Unique to Psilo is the stunning artwork of Gurmukhi Bhasin, one of the top 3d artists on the planet.

Psilo’s title hints at a greater underlying cause beneath its sleek design. The creators of Psilo believe in the power of studying psychedelics to combat the mental health crisis. Because of this, one percent of Psilo’s profits go to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

The Future of NFTs and Mental Health

Whether you’re moved by 80s pop culture, dinosaurs, or a galactic adventure, getting on board with some of these NFT projects keeps the conversation about mental health alive.

If twenty-five percent of the people you know are struggling with mental health, it is awesome to realize that several NFTs may be making an impact, whether your loved ones participate in the metaverse or not.

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