Dubaiverse: The Sandbox’s Latest Mega City Addition

Dubaiverse - Dubai Metaverse by The Sandbox

Following on from the pioneering success of its Hong Kong ‘Mega City,’ The Sandbox has announced that it will be launching a Dubai-themed metaverse called ‘Dubaiverse’.

The announcement, which was made by the platform’s owners Animoca Brands at last week’s 62nd True Global Ventures Conference, revealed that the new virtual space will follow a similar model to that of its Hong Kong counterpart. This means that visitors of the Dubaiverse can expect an immersive experience which includes participation from an array of local firms from the film, music, entertainment, finance, real estate, and gaming industries.

To get a real sense of what this may entail, we can take notes from the Hong Kong ‘Mega City,’ which includes licensed partnerships with institutions such as the city’s flagship amusement park Ocean Park, Regal Hotels Group, luxury media group Tatler Asia, VC firm Brinc, and web3-native venture firm MADWorld.

For now, the three companies who’ve confirmed their interest in the project include the city’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), digital brokerage firm GCEX, and local newspaper publisher the Khaleej Times. Here, VARA announced itself as the first investor of Dubaiverse virtual real estate, whilst GCEX pledged to offer the city’s visitors with an array of educational tools for learning about virtual asset management.

In seeking inspiration from the ‘South China Morning Post’s’ partnership with Hong Kong’s ‘Mega City,’ the Khaleej Times is hoping that its presence in the Dubaiverse will help expand its business operations in ways which were previously unavailable.

As ever with the limitless ambition of the metaverse platform, The Sandbox has also issued its plans to launch similar location-based virtual spaces for Singapore, Korea, and Turkey.

The addition of multiple cities across The Sandbox’s widely interoperable ecosystem is helping elevate the platform’s status as one of the most immersive, creative, and web3-encapsulating projects out there. In turn, this can explain why the project is always going to be of interest to us at Blockster, as we are always unbeknownst as to what the next pioneering move of the platform is going to be.

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