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Since the ugly Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of music artists have been in the dark. Due to post-pandemic restrictions and regulations, most have been unable to perform live for their fans around the world.

However, blockchain technologies like NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse are bringing back the good vibes and ushering in a wave of new opportunities for music artists and the entire live events industry.

Technology Leads the Way for Music Stars and Events

If you “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” with those Fatboy Slim Riva Starr vibes or just live and breathe EDM (electronic dance music), then you may have been at Ultra Miami a few weeks ago or caught the UMF Live Stream hosted by Algorand, the world’s most decentralized, scalable, and secure blockchain infrastructure.

Other true EDM fans may have joined Steve Aoki’s new conception of his own metaverse: A0K1VERSE, a new ecosystem bridging the metaverse with the real world where Web3 meets Web 2.0 meets IRL (in real life).

Recently, the world-renowned music festival Coachella created Coachellaverse for fans around the globe. That way, fans can (kinda) say goodbye to FOMO if they cannot travel to attend the event in-person at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley.

At Coachellaverse, you can use special tools enabled by novel technology to unlock this creative world full of adventure. You can interact with Coachella both on-site and at-home and connect with artists, creators, and other fans in surprising ways.

To join the experience, click here to access the portal. Then open your welcome box, scan the inside using your mobile camera, and catch the First Glimpse of the Coachellaverse!

As for now, the Coachellaverse experiment looks to be a Web 2.0-based experience as they are still testing the waters–finding ways to bridge their fans over to the Web3 world without overwhelming them.

However, as the true legends we all know they are, the Coachella team did not stop there on their journey into the Web3 world.

Coachella Creates NFT for Attendees

This year, all Coachella attendees can claim a free NFT courtesy of the festival’s partnership with the FTX app where you can connect your wristband and access the NFT.

All attendees who download the Coachella NFT can appreciate many benefits at the festival such as exclusive experiences like a faster entry lane, access to limited-edition merchandise, as well as food and beverage vouchers.

Some Coachella NFTs will blossom into six diverse rare flowers, which can then be redeemed as premium upgrades for the festival.

Another major drop from Coachella is the Coachella Collectibles NFT collection: the Coachella Keys Collection, the Sights and Sounds Collection, and the Desert Reflections Collection.

Attendees will have to buy the NFTs off of the new marketplace built on the Solana blockchain with the help of FTX. Coachella Collectibles are a first of its kind opportunity to unlock unique on-site experiences, claim physical items and digital collectibles, attend future virtual adventures, and even secure lifetime tickets for its yearly April show as an NFT.

Coachella Blazes New Trails for Music, Concerts, and Technology Alike

Historically, many ravers have placed the Coachella Art and Music Festival on their bucket list because the event features mammoth lineups across multiple music genres.

This year, Coachella will host Swedish House Mafia, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Flume, Disclosure, Harry Styles as headliners. Many more are booked to perform on April 15th-17th and the 22nd-24th of 2022.

Some people may think crypto gets a little dull when it’s only all about technology, so it’s thrilling when one of the largest festivals in the world jumps into NFTs and Web3, two of the hottest and most innovative trends right now.

When pop culture events and music artists like these introduce people to the crypto world, they can do so without overwhelming them with tech details or fear of the unknown. That leads to less anxiety and more faith in crypto as a whole—a far cry for users who fall for anonymous and unestablished projects.

Most importantly, we love that music artists and their fans can learn about crypto while having a blast at epic raves like Coachella.

Be sure to follow Coachella on Twitter so you can join the next Coachellaverse no matter where you are in the world right now.


Speaking of music festivals, you may be interested to learn more about Ultra Music Festival’s partnership with Algorand.

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