Top 5 Crypto Projects With High Potential For Investment In 2022

Crypto is hot right now.

How incredible is a $2.5 trillion market cap for a sector that wasn’t even in the picture slightly over a decade ago?

Talk of the phoenix, rising from the ashes. Circling back to history, critics wrote off Bitcoin after the Silk Road Scandal and, later, the devastating Mt Gox hack.

At that time, over $450 million of BTC were siphoned off in what turned out to be a well-coordinated attack to cripple a project that was still finding its bearings.

It has been eight years since, and the sphere is more complex, sophisticated, and “embraced” in the western world and some parts of SE Asia.

Laws are being formulated, and there has never been quite a time like today to be alive.

Crypto and blockchain promise to underpin the future of the digital economy—and this is an opportunity of a lifetime appealing to various investors and their selection criteria.

Retail investors are unbridled and can choose from the over 11k projects listed on CoinMarketCap and other trackers.

There are definitely eyeballs on some well-marketed projects, sadly without an MVP. Amid the chaff, there are high profile protocols that appear undervalued and are beginning to find their root in the deep crypto soils.

If you are looking to invest your hard-earned money in cryptocurrency and are confused, worry no more. These are top-5 cryptocurrency projects with huge potential in the years to come.

Cardano (ADA)

Charles Hoskinson needs no introduction. He is the lead developer of Input-Output Global, the body tasked with developing Cardano.

Before this, he influenced the development of the Ethereum Classic—and was the co-founder of Ethereum.

Charles definitely has huge experience, which he is now using to build Cardano.

The project is built from scratch and has a defined roadmap. 3 of the 5 phases, the recent being Goguen and smart contract activation, have been completed.

Goguen was the most critical and tracked by many as it ushered in smart contracting.

For investors, Cardano is a vast project.

It has American roots and is actively developed. The creators have dedicated time and resources to make it a stiff competitor of Ethereum. Projects launching on the Proof-of-Stake network are also supported, supporting ADA prices.

Polkadot (DOT)

The future is open, communal, and interconnected.

The Polkadot project exemplifies these ideals. Gavin Wood is the founder of the interoperable project, which plans to host only quality projects which have been rigorously tested.

Parachain slot auction begins in November and is core to Polkadot’s scalability. Experts believe DOT, the currency of Polkadot, is underpriced at spot rates.

Therefore, before Polkadot operates full-throttle turbo-boosted by the $800 million fund aside for on-boarding, investors believe DOT is a steal at spot rates.

Eventually, over 100 Parachains will link to the Relay Chain, tapping on the base’s security for interoperability and security.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is an Ethereum DEX and one of the largest in the world.

The protocol is the most valuable DeFi project globally, currently managing over $6 billion of different assets.

Admittedly, there might be scaling troubles in Ethereum—which the team plans to resolve—but Uniswap is a gem, flexible, and actively developing. If anything, Uniswap is representative of the constant innovation in crypto.

Uniswap innovated liquidity provider tokens before introducing liquidity NFTs in its third iteration, Uniswap v3. Once Uniswap launches fully in layer-2—Arbitrum or Optimism—there would be more activity and thus upward pressure on UNI.

The successful deployment of Ethereum on a staking chain would further provide tailwinds, a reason why analysts banking on trustless swapping on tokens in a negligibly low-fee environment are convinced UNI is a gem at spot rates.

Terra (LUNA)

The project has roots in South Korea, explaining the ultra-high following in the Southeast Asia economic powerhouse.

Their primary objective is to change payment using yet another crypto innovation, stablecoins.

There is talk of stringent regulations on off-chain stablecoins like USDC and USDT.

However, Terra is a scalable blockchain with algorithmically backed stablecoins tracking various fiat currencies, including the USDT, GBP, and even the Yuan.

The project continues to build, recently introducing the Columbus 5 Upgrade integrating the IBC of Cosmos.

There are more plans to link with Solana and even Ethereum. These are fundamentals that will support LUNA, thrusting the coin to new valuations.

Blockster (BXR)

It goes without saying that some of the largest social media companies (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in the world employ vampire tactics to benefit themselves through data auctions. What we currently have is an exploitative model and very lopsided. Blockster changes this and is the only full-featured social media network focused on the rapidly expanding crypto and blockchain communities.

The BXR token is the center of operations, seamlessly connecting communities of investors, bloggers, projects, news outlets, and more in one portal. The project is projected to grow its revenue by over $40 million for a 40X rise of the Ethereum-based BXR token used for revenue sharing in three years.


The list is not exhaustive but a representative of crypto and blockchain’s potential. You don’t need to follow these recommendations blindly. Do a little bit of due diligence, dig more; you may unearth even more gems with similar properties as BXR, Cardano, Terra, or even Bitcoin.

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