It’s Time to Party in the A0k1verse with Steve Aoki

A new ecosystem bridging the metaverse with the real world is ready to elevate the experience of Steve Aoki’s fans

A new ecosystem that bridges the metaverse with the real world is about to elevate the experience of Steve Aoki’s fans

Popularly known for throwing cake from the stage at EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festivals, Steve Aoki is a Grammy-nominated electronic dance music DJ, producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur who never fails to get the audience pumped with his high-energy and creative performances. Aoki does close to 300 shows a year globally, recently acquired the🎂🎵  domain and continues to blow up his stage at real-life live events.

Always the pioneer, Aoki was one of the first famous DJ’s to perform in Decentraland. He was the headliner during the Australian Open Metaverse Party, alongside the beautiful Australian DJ Tigerlily. 

As an esteemed member of the #NFTcommunity and a proud owner of Doodles, CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs (just to name a few!), it was not a surprise that Steve Aoki had a whole NFT-enabled Metaverse membership hidden up his sleeves.

Steve Aoki announced on Twitter earlier this year, “It’s finally time to unveil the A0K1VERSE. I am combining an entire career’s worth of relationships, my music, my art, my network into an all encompassing exclusive membership community. Members can get everything from presale access to free mints on my NFTs, access to friend & family NFT projects, concert tickets, physical & digital collectibles along with an array of real world and metaverse experiences all token gated through membership. It’s an exclusive membership unlike any other community out there. Imagine an NFT that will grow with you over time & the more invested you are in it, the more rewards you will receive. Become A Citizen of the A0K1VERSE.”

The A0K1VERSE is an exclusive membership powered by The Passport, built on the Ethereum Blockchain, and available only on Opensea. This membership grants access to a multitude of digital and real-life rewards for fans, including free Steve Aoki concert tickets, early access to his NFT releases, private events, metaverse experiences, free merchandise, digital wearables, and exclusive access to apparel and collectible collaborations.

The A0K1VERSE ecosystem is based around A0K1 credits. There are a total of 50,000 A0K1 credits (ERC-1155 NFTs) that fans can redeem for a personalized Passport starting on February 22nd. The Passport will be “a dynamic NFT that evolves over time as you continue to use it for different experiences, building your own unique identity in the A0K1VERSE,” according to the community’s site.

In the long term, the Passport will also be able to create completely new communities and realms – anyone who wants to build on top of it will be able to leverage the Passport as an access token to their virtual world or community.

So, are you ready to get caked and party with Steve Aoki?

Knowing Aoki’s reputation for throwing the sickest parties all over the world, The A0K1VERSE looks like something we would deeply regret not being a part of. 

If you love dance music, and partying is your idea of having fun, these exclusive NFTs are your perfect gateway drug into the Metaverse and entire rabbit hole of crypto. 

Become a citizen of the A0K1VERSE today and grab your Passport now!


Is Electronic Dance Music your guilty pleasure? Check out Coachellaverse!

Or, maybe you want to learn more about the Metaverse

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