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The Captivating Story of Beating Cancer with Web3 Art

The captivating story of beating cancer with web3 art is the happy ending to what started as the most horrific news anyone can receive. The diagnosis was immediate, sharp, and shocking: cancer—malignant and spreading fast. Mechell Lord’s life would now be irreversibly altered. To survive...
GDS Gallery, Web3 Art
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From Vogue to Virtual: Stepping Into Web3 Art

Blockster's Web3 art contributor, William Laurent, sits down with Gabriel Di Sante, a celebrity photographer, and more recently a Web3 art gallery owner to talk about his personal experience with the Web3 art movement. --- Gabriel Di Sante is a Venezuelan-born celebrity photographer whose work...
Web3 NFT Models
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Web3 Leaves Supermodels In The Cold

Will Web3 and the Metaverse leave supermodels, as we know today, out in the cold? We agree on this point: crypto needs to be sexier. But who will be the arbiters of what is hot or not in our virtual future? The metaverse requires glamor...
Prada NFT
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The Prada NFT Campaign Becomes a Phygital Force

Luxury goods manufacturers are rushing to embrace the world of the “phygital”— launching sales campaigns, like the Prada NFT campaign, that give sophisticated consumers the opportunity to purchase physical merchandise complemented by digital assets. Recently, elite Italian fashion brand Prada engineered an exceptionally effective phygital...
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Metaverse Real Estate: Building Your Dream Home

The dynamics of metaverse real estate are beginning to mirror the property markets in real life. Case in point: having awesome neighbors can greatly boost the value of your virtual land. But grabbing a plot near a beloved celebrity comes with a huge financial cost;...
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See You at the Edge of the Metaverse

The crypto lifestyle is about networking, partying, and looking good – in the metaverse and real life.  But to be a baller at night, we need to keep our work hours productive and robust. The greatest advances in career and craft come when we are...
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Crypto Is Not Fair

Crypto does not have any concept of impartiality, nor does it yield to abstractions of equality. Crypto is not fair. And we should be happy about it. Fairness is something that can only be subjectively defined, and on those grounds, it can only be forcibly...
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A Week of Rogues: Bot BJs & The Worst Exchange

Over the course of any given month, a mindless mélange of roguish behaviors debut on the stages of our crypto lifestyle. This week, our days have been awash with crypto rogues—so many we lost count. However, there are a few noteworthy incidents of crypto buffoonery...
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Breaking a VR Sweat with Oculus

The best way to lose a flabby tummy is to sweat the fat off. VR fitness with the Oculus Quest 2 holds the key to a leaner and fitter future. Living the crypto lifestyle means spending much of one’s life on the road. As intrepid...
OG Crypto Kings
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These OG Crypto Kings Would Have Drank Your Blood

The official mascot of Hachinohe, Japan is not a majestic tiger, heroic fire-breathing dragon, or even an impish anime character adorned in Sailor Moon attire—it is Yopparai Hoyagi, which translated from (Hachinohe vernacular) Japanese means “drunk old man.” Yopparai Hoyagi wants you to show your...
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Hey Twitter! Unrequited Loyalty Has an Expiration Date

I have been booted off Twitter twice. My latest incarnation has seen me posting over the last year; however, I have had to resort to heavy self-regulation to ensure I don't get thrown into Twitter Jail again. The last time that happened, the jailer threw...
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Living the Crypto Lifestyle to the Max

I am recruiting Blocksters today. If you are an independent thinker who lives the crypto lifestyle to the fullest and accepts complete responsibility for your financial future and personal life, you are already a Blockster. Congratulations. It is not the path of the masses that...
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Hard Fork Your Life II – Crossing Over into Crypto

In the Shibuya section of Tokyo sits a secluded and tumbledown neighborhood dubbed the “The Zaka” by those who regularly frequent her squalid charms. Known officially as Dogenzaka, this abstruse and constricted quarter of dark alleyways and dead-end passageways is home to a myriad of...
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The Crypto Crash – Finding Order In Chaos

The crypto markets have tanked. A retrace was inevitable. Now what? Many of our investments are down 90% over the last six months, perhaps even the last six days. Maybe this is your first bear market, but it won’t be your last. That knot we...
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Hard Fork Your Life: Crypto Addiction = Crypto Lifestyle

Crypto Addiction is Not Affliction Positioned on lofty concrete perches scattered throughout the high-rent districts of Tokyo, sit the most conspicuous signals of Japan’s crypto revolution. These monster billboards, with their bright colors, famous celebrities, and sleek designs, remind all who pass underneath of the...
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Experiential Shopping in the Metaverse. Amazon about to get REKT

Buying clothes on Amazon has never been enjoyable, with a user experience that has forever overlooked the unique demands of apparel shoppers. Amazon serves up the same half-assed (and generally static) visual representations of apparel, resulting in a shopping experience that is neither cohesive nor...
What happened to blockster
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Announcing the Blockster Rebrand

Hey Blockster fans! We have spectacular news for you. We’re undergoing a major rebrand and want to provide our community with some context around our provocative pivot – which will launch the Blockster brand to a stratospheric level of prominence.  Over the last few months,...
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Getting Down With The Tampa Bay DAO

As Team Blockster entered the Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, Florida for the Synapse Summit, I reminded my colleagues that our productivity would be measured in proportion to how tired we felt at the end of the event. Ultimately, our fortunes were well-served in the...