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Governance Tokens Empower Communities in the Metaverse
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Can Governance Tokens Empower Communities in the Metaverse?

While people are losing control over their governments in the physical world, governance tokens are getting hot in Web3. Last week, Common, a management platform “for every token” raised $20 million to help communities stay up to date with votes and decision making.  Weren’t we...
spotify nfts
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Music Monopolies Step into Web3

Spotify and Universal Music are experimenting with digital collectibles. Can music market giants help smaller artists promote their NFTs?    When the New York-based violinist and neuroscience music pioneer Masha Brodskaya launched her first NFT she wasn’t sure if it would be well received by the...
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Is a New Era of Social Media Coming Soon?

Web3 enthusiasts are excited about the launch of Lens Protocol, a new blockchain-based network that aims to provide an alternative to social media such as Twitter. But will Lens Protocol grow beyond its initial adoption?  Social media is broken, and finally, someone is trying to...
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The Psychedelic Industry Joins the Metaverse

Everyone has that one creepy neighbor. Mine has been giving me chills lately. The other day she followed me into the elevator and stared straight in my face, not saying a word. That ride lasted an eternity.  I don’t judge her. The state of mental...
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Sports, Big Data, and NFTs Collide in the Metaverse

The NBA playoffs were the main focus of sports fans this weekend. But some lucky ones also made it to Europe for another popular basketball tournament, the EuroLeague Final Four, which took place in the metaverse. Their avatars watched the game live from a virtual...