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The Layman & Crypto: Don't Bank On Bitcoin

The reason for this lies in the self-proclaimed USP of cryptocurrencies - Banks Are EvilYou've been Shafted for too longCryptocurrencies have no Centralized Authority to Shaft you. What does the layman takeaway from this? He'll be shafted by anonymous folks over the Internet. Does that...
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Blockchain Mumble Rap Starter Pack

Let's start by talking about linked lists. What is it you ask? Why it is the data structure that gave you to Blockchain. It's okay if you didn't know but went balls-in by changing your LinkedIn bio to "Blockchain Expert". You're forgiven. The Blockchain Mumble...
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Bitcoin Grows Despite Being Decentralized

What You Do Not Understand About Money Money, simply put, is the medium for exchange of value. It does not have any intrinsic value. Even gold. Their value is derived from their supposed demand in the market. More people demand gold than your everyday shitcoin...