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Blockchain: The Complete Guide for Noobs

How did the blockchain come about? In mid-2008, it came together with Bitcoin and is cited in the paper Bitcoin: The Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, by Satoshi Nakamoto. Initially, the community of developers and tech enthusiasts didn't understand exactly how everything would work, but it...
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What are Crypto Jobs Worth?

Decentralized and Remote Work We live in a time of many opportunities for professionals in many careers, remote jobs are increasingly popular, and some data say that professionals need to organize themselves and obtain different routines to improve productivity in remote work. Some startups in...
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DeFi (R)evolution: Easy Ways to Understand These Advances

What is Decentralized Finance? Decentralized finance (known as Defi) is possible due to the emergence of crypto technologies such as Ethereum and blockchain technology. Thus, many decentralized applications (DApp's) were created and developed using Ethereum. In this way, you can transact with many cryptocurrencies and...