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4 Worst Performing Mainstream Cryptos This Summer

However, some digital assets didn’t have a good month in terms of profits and performance. It’s partly fueled by the booming of some DeFi coins and the recovery seen primarily on BTC, which led to corrective moves in some way. Still, there are more facts...
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What Is A Crypto Airdrop And How Does It Work?

First, to get the essence of airdrops, imagine something in between giveaways and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). In other words, an airdrop is an opportunity, with some exceptions, to receive tokens from a startup for free. And no, you don’t need to be a close...
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Are Institutional Investors Trading Bitcoin For Ethereum?

Nevertheless, 2021 is the year when the advantage turns out to be on the side of Ethereum. Now, among his associates, there are even the crustiest financial conservatives. But what about Ethereum is so attractive to distrustful classics of banking and payments? Let’s try to...
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Tesla To Potentially Start Accepting Bitcoin Again For Cars

The Talented Mr. Musk Firstly, let’s go back to May 12. Elon, who had previously bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, made an unexpected statement: “We are concerned about rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal, which has the worst...